The witch of billiards OSullivan makes a strange noise that makes the referee blush

(Sports news, billiard news) The British billiards legend caused the referee of the match to fall into a state of blushing.

O’Sullivan situation video makes many people embarrassed

Ronnie O’Sullivan, 16 years old started playing, so far he has spent 30 years playing professionally. The mechanical hand, known as “The Witch” or “The Rocket” is currently still holding the number 1 position in the world, despite being 46 years old.

O’Sullivan made the audience, the referee “blush”

O’Sullivan was once known as a “man of many talents”. In the past, he has repeatedly fallen into an unstable state because of his passion for stimulants. The British player also repeatedly lost control in making “strange noises” while playing, making people around “blush”.

Recently when attending the Champions League snooker tournament in England, the 46-year-old legend made the referee fall into a blushing state. When making the decisive move in game 3, O’Sullivan “fizzled” again and made the arena go silent, everyone felt embarrassed.

In this match, O’Sullivan won Ali Carter 3-0, but this result was not enough to help the 46-year-old legend win tickets to the third round. Stage 3 Champions League event only 8 players won tickets to go. next. They divided into 2 groups (4 teams each) competing to find 4 semi-finalists.



(Sports news, billiard news) At the age of 46, billiard legend Ronnie O’Sullivan won the 7th world snooker championship.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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