The wish of men that women do not know

Sometimes men still want very simple things from their women.

World-famous family therapist Salvador Minuchin once said: “In a marriage that lasted 40 years, everyone thought about divorce 200 times … It still depends on how to overcome it. through these difficulties “.

Understanding the man who is living with her is a basic thing any woman should do. So what are men most interested in?

Understanding the man who lives with is a basic thing any woman should do. Illustration.

1. Respect

There is a survey in the 2004 bestseller “Love and Respect in the Family” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, of two choices “No one in the world loves. you “or” Nobody respects you “, more than 70% of men choose the first option. This survey proves that men always want to be respected. In them, this is more important than the need for love.

Journalist and speaker Shaunti Feldhahn once said that men can suffer an emotional disadvantage rather than a lack of respect. So they always want their women to trust and admire. If you respect them, they will respect you and try to maintain that respect.

2. Warmth

Men respect the rational qualities of being calm and strong. However, inwardly they look forward to a warm station where they can shelter and recover from fatigue and can be comforted when injured. So a man needs the love and attention of a mother.

Wise women know when men need care and give them hugs and comfort to give men the strength to move on.

3. Care, care

A relationship that wants to endure always needs giving and taking. A man, in front of his woman, is sometimes just a “kid” who likes to act as a baby. And the purpose of these actions is to get back the care and attention of your woman. It is the feeling of being cared for under the hand of a lover that nurtures the love in a man’s heart every day.

Gentleness has always been a woman’s instinct. And a man, no matter how strong, could not resist the tenderness of women.

4. Private space

Married men are always in motion in the desire to live together and the desire to be alone. During those moments of solitary rest, people often feel the spirit of fullness, overwhelming strength, as if being revived from the fatigue to continue a new fight.

In the book “Men From Mars, Women From Venus” says that men need a “cave” that won’t be disturbed when they’re stressed. Give them space now and the women don’t continue nagging.

5. Tolerance

Marriage is a commitment to sharing and sharing, so the other’s mistakes, why can we be indifferent or play the punitive person? In order to gain tolerance in family life, it is first necessary to learn to listen. If your spouse makes a mistake, you immediately get angry, use bad words to blame, and berate you as a failure.

Your partner – a friend who has loved with all your heart, has learned, has overcome many storms together to become a husband and wife, so deserves to be listened to, given a chance. There are shortcomings that cannot be changed, the secret cannot be “revealed”, just gently accept “that is life” and then move on together. Man is a kite, woman is a rope. Don’t let the kite break, but find its way home. Tolerance towards a man is tolerance for yourself and tolerance for the world.

6. Life

No matter how successful or successful a man is, they all have one thing in common: good meals every three days and decent clothes.

A man is not air, he needs life. No matter what they are thinking, what are doing, for sure, a man needs to eat a full stomach to survive. And the people who do that are the women.

7. Understanding

Don’t force men to shop with women because this is the fatal mistake that women easily make.

Don’t think a man who is shopping with his wife is a sign of love. Men are not interested in those colorful accessories. Because for many people, shopping with women is a kind of misery, not enjoyment.

Vy Trang (According to the aboluowang)


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