The wife was proposed five times by Joe Biden

After five times being proposed by Joe Biden, Mrs. Jill Biden agreed to become a partner, spiritual support and also a political assistant for her husband.

The couple Joe and Jill Biden stand side by side in the campaigning. Image: drbiden.

“She gave me life,” Joe writes of Jill in a 2007 memoir.

First met in 1975, the lives of Joe Biden and Jill are very different. Joe lost his first wife and one-year-old daughter in a car accident three years ago, having to take care of his two sons, Hunter and Beau, alone. Meanwhile, Jill is about to graduate from the University of Delaware and is thinking about her future path. Frank, Joe’s brother introduced the two to each other.

“I’m a senior, dating guys in jeans, T-shirts and slippers. When I saw him walk in in a sports jacket and shoes, I thought, a million years from now This is going nowhere. He’s nine years older than me, “Jill said of his first date with Joe in an interview with Vogue year 2016.

Jill’s impression changed after the date. End movie A Man and a Woman At a theater in Philadelphia, Joe took Jill home and shook hands and wished the student good night. “I went up to my room, called my mom at 1am and said, ‘Mom, I have finally met a gentleman,'” Jill recalls.

From that date, Joe and Jill began to meet regularly and gradually became lovers. In later interviews, Joe confesses that sometimes, he feels his dead wife has brought the two together. Jill quickly got along with his two sons Joe and they celebrated the holidays together.

“She made me think my family can be completely back,” Joe said.

Young Joe and Jill.  Photo: drbiden.

Young Joe and Jill. Image: drbiden.

Seeing that both Hunter and Beau were attached to Jill, Joe knew it was time to propose. That day two children also supported their father to take another step. According to Joe, one morning, while he was shaving, 7-year-old Hunter and 6-year-old Beau ran in to tell him, “We think you should marry Miss Jill. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a very good idea,” said Joe.

The only problem was that Jill was not ready to get married. Jill loves two children so much that they will be hurt if this marriage falls apart.

“I kept telling him that wasn’t the time,” Jill later revealed. “The kids have lost their mothers once, I can’t let it happen again. I have to be 100% sure.”

After four failed proposals, Joe gave Jill an “ultimatum”. “Listen, this is the last time I asked you. I don’t care when we’re getting married, but I want commitment,” Joe said and finally received a nod from his lover.

On June 17, 1977, Joe and Jill should officially be husband and wife. The New York wedding reception took place with 40 guests, Hunter and Beau standing right next to the bride and groom. “It was as if the four of us were getting married,” Joe recalls.

The family of four went on a honeymoon together. In 1981, Jill gave birth to a daughter. Hunter and Beau took up the responsibility of naming her and chose the name Ashley.

After getting married, Jill maintained both her teaching job and active social activities. She and former First Lady Michelle Obama founded Joining Forces to support veterans and families. She also runs the Biden Foundation with the aim of fighting for equality in society.

Jill posted a photo to congratulate her husband after the US news agencies named Joe Biden as 46th president.

Jill posted a photo to congratulate her husband after the US news agencies “named” Joe Biden as the 46th president. Photo: drbiden.

Since April this year, this fund stopped working, Jill moved to help her husband campaign for election. She conducted three online election campaigns and directly met with voters to talk about difficulties in the period of social isolation. In March, when protesters interrupted Joe’s speech in Los Angeles, Jill stopped a woman from rushing into the stage.

On November 8, shortly after Joe Biden was “named” by the US news agencies as the country’s 46th president, Jill posted a photo with her husband with the message: “He will be the president of the whole family. our family “.

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