The wife is mistaken for her husband’s daughter

Older brotherHannah Van Noort, 28, and her husband Shaun Murray, 61, had a “dreamlike” wedding in June.

“Most will think our love of age difference is a transaction for immigration or financial gain. But other than love, I have nothing else,” the Amsterdam girl (Netherlands) said. .

In 2015, Hannah, also a singer, initially contacted Shaun on YouTube because she was impressed with the music We Are The Champions which Shaun covers on guitar. They found each other because they shared a passion for the songs of the 1970-1980s.

The two kept in touch for the next year, while Hannah was studying at university in the Netherlands. On the occasion of her 23rd birthday, she arranged to meet Mr. Shaun in person, on the occasion of a trip to England to visit friends. In her heart, Shaun didn’t want to have a relationship beyond friendship because of the age gap, but Hannah was immediately “infatuated” when she met him in real life.

Hannah and her husband are over 33 years old. Image: Mercury Press & Media

“I asked him to love me and the love started from that moment,” she said. They kept it a secret for several months. There are a number of obstacles to overcome such as age gap and space. However, their love grows stronger and stronger.

In 2018, Hannah moved to the UK to live with her boyfriend. In June of this year, after six years of love, they married in their home in Maidstone, Kent.

“When the family meets us, they immediately see that this is true love. I feel happy when my loved ones accept this love. The rest, we don’t care what strangers think,” she affirmed. and revealed, many times mistaken for Shaun’s daughter.

Hannah said that in previous relationships, boys taught her how to love them, but Shaun taught her how to love herself.

“Being with Shaun does not have dramatic moments like movies. We love each other calmly, focused, stable but full of passion”, the young wife shared.

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