The ways to minimize living space

Using interconnected or stacked cabinets, shelves; enhance natural light, green area … to help open and wide living space, bringing relaxation to homeowners.

In her book “The life-changing magic of tidying”, “cleaning queen” Marie Kondo mentioned detoxing her house. She believes that minimizing the living space is like doing detox for each person.

The author also believes that the processes of skin care, scientific eating, sports exercise, entertainment, relaxation … if taking place in a clean, open space, will bring efficiency. higher.

Here are some ways to help minimize the home space, bring a sense of comfort and relaxation for family members.

Using cabinets, shelves connected

Living in a tidy house will help us have more living space and feel more relaxed. Interconnected or stacked cabinets help classify and store furniture, narrow the display area. You can put items that have the same purpose in the same place so you don’t waste time searching.

Arranging utensils with the same function together saves living space, and increases the value of use. Image: LG Vietnam.

Items that are rarely used, only a few times a week, should be kept in drawers. With items only used a few times per month or season, can be stored in the warehouse to save space and keep the house tidy. Marie Kondo once shared that you should keep only the items that are really necessary, not keep anything that makes you have to find justified reasons.

Natural light enhancement

In addition to minimizing the number of items in the house, the minimalist design of living spaces cannot ignore the enhancement of natural light. Light is one of the important factors that contribute to the aesthetics of the house, while creating visual effects, helping the homeowner relax his mind.

Use thin curtains in doors and windows, allowing natural light to enter the home. In addition, you can use glass tiles and paint gloss or replace the rough patterned wallpaper with bright colors, effectively diffusing the light in the house.

Improve air quality

When solving the problem of increasing the area of ​​space and lighting, the next thing to do is to improve the air quality. Using an air purifier is one of the suggestions.

In particular, the LG PuriCare 360 ​​° air purifier is favored for its ultra-fine dust filter PM1.0, and it can purify the air within 12 minutes. Made in Korea with dust filter area up to 100 m2 are also plus points of this product line.


The LG PuriCare 360 ​​° air purifier has a modern design, suitable for many different interior spaces. Image: LG Vietnam.

In addition, planting more trees also helps increase the efficiency of air filtration, contributing to creating green spaces full of vitality for the home space. The American fern can remove most harmful chemicals such as fomandehut, xylene, toluene, mercury and arsenic … It is considered one of the “air purifiers” recommended by architects to grow in enclosed space. In addition, some other plants are also easy to grow indoors such as bamboo palm leaves, betel nut, tiger’s tongue, aloe vera …


Planting ornamental plants is a simple solution that both greenes the living space and brings significant air filtration efficiency. Image: LG Vietnam.

Environmental quality in some places has decreased, many people realize that an open and healthy living space is essential. Applying the method of minimizing living space, focusing on the function of home appliances is a trend many families are aiming for, in order to bring practical benefits to health and spirit.

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