The way young people ‘F5 love’ after a long distance relationship

Ho Chi Minh CityInterested in buying gifts for their lovers, many young people are taking advantage of early Valentine’s Day as well as renewing their love after a period of separation.

At many gift and souvenir shops in Ho Chi Minh City, trading activities took place quite vibrantly right after the Lunar New Year holiday. Most of the customers who come to shop are young people who want to take advantage of the first days of the year when they are not too busy to find meaningful gifts to warm up their feelings after a long time of only meeting online, due to the Tet holiday and most of the time. due to previous social distancing.

Two young people invite each other to go shopping to warm up their love. Photo: Thuy Linh

While browsing through the designs at the Italian gold jewelry counter, Tan Thach (who lives in Go Vap district) just shared that, for many months of separation, he stayed in the city, continued to work online, while his girlfriend returned. Ben tre. “The house in the neighborhood has turned into a long-distance relationship. When the work is not too busy, I want to find a meaningful gift and also a gift of fortune on the occasion of the God of Fortune for my girlfriend,” Tan Thach shared.

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Two young people buy couple rings at a jewelry store in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Nguyen Thom

After 2 years of not being able to hold a wedding because of the epidemic, the couple Minh Hoa and Trang Thanh (Tan Binh district) decided to “get married in case you miss it”. “Every day we meet, that day is Valentine, and we also want to use this occasion to shop for peace and hope for a favorable year. Therefore, combining 3 in 1, we invite each other to buy rings and some wedding jewelry. , is also less crowded in the next few days”, Trang Thanh said.

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In the past few days, PNJ stores have recorded many young people coming to buy jewelry for their lovers. Photo: Khanh Nhi

Thu Ha (District 1) went to a jewelry store alone but chose to find men’s jewelry designs. She explained: “I want to find gifts to impress my boyfriend, for me, feelings should not be expressed only from one side. In many other places, girls still actively give chocolates to their boyfriends. “.

Not only couples, many “FA” female friends also look to jewelry as a way to renew themselves. “For the past few months, I’ve only been at home, so I feel like I’m old, but even if I’m present, I won’t let anyone see it. Now that the distance is over, I want to change a bit, maybe fate will find me”, My Ngoc (District) 1) laugh when choosing an elegant topaz pendant.

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A girl in Ho Chi Minh City wants to buy jewelry to refresh herself. Photo: Hong Nguyen

After the stressful epidemic period, many couples seem to be rushing to find ways to warm up their feelings and create new emotions after the time when both of them have worked together to overcome many difficulties due to distance. . At the same time, “F5” itself is also the method many girls choose to self-innovate, assert themselves and be ready for the experiences ahead.

In order to contribute to creating a bridge and at the same time conveying the message “F5 love – sublimate emotions”, PNJ is implementing a promotion program for customers shopping for couple rings. Mr. Tran Nguyen Phi Long, Director of Retail Marketing of PNJ, said that this year’s Valentine’s season is special and different than every year after 2 long years of Covid-19. “With this year’s promotions and new collections, PNJ will surely satisfy customers. Besides, we will have pre-order activities from now on and on the 14th // 2 has the God Cupid of love to deliver products to the person you love,” said Tran Nguyen Phi Long.

Diep Chi

From today until the end of February 15, PNJ offers up to 10% discount for customers who buy double rings. In addition, PNJ launches a promotion program of 100% to receive love at the beginning of the year with a total value of up to 22 billion VND. Customers without invoices also have the opportunity to receive gold when participating in the program. Customers who buy gold bars and rings will receive a discount of up to VND 790,000, along with many other gifts. See details here.


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