The way Thuy Tien’s family expressed their gratitude to Tet

Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh families send their sincere thanks, choose a meaningful gift packed with love for their loved ones every spring.

As a pair of famous Vietnamese showbiz artists, information about the life of Thuy Tien – Cong Vinh is very interested by the public. Since the birth of Banh Gao, the couple’s parenting and teaching methods have attracted the attention of many people.

Although only through a few small stories of Thuy Tien, many people can see that she and her husband focus on educating personality and especially gratitude for Banh Gao. The culture of gratitude is also a good thing when Tet comes and this is an opportunity for her family to show love to the birth and relative.

Below are Thuy Tien’s shares about teaching children to express gratitude and how families send this good thing.

– From the perspective of a mother, how often does Tien teach her children to show gratitude?

– Tien still told Banh Gao that you may not need to be a very good person, but you must become a good person, loving and sharing. For example, Tien often asks Banh Gao when preparing a cake to take to school: Will you eat alone or share it with your friends ?, If you received your child’s cake and gave it to your candy, would you see? Do you like it? When you thank your child for the delicious cake, do they feel happy? … With such provocative ways, from a young age, Banh Gao has learned to share and say thank you.

Life is simply giving away without thinking and at the same time always remembering the good things others have done for you. That is what Tien taught for Banh Gao. The gift of showing gratitude to those we love is sometimes just simple, but it contains a lot of love in it already very precious.

– What way does Thuy Tien and his wife use to express their gratitude to those they love?

– Tien and his wife often choose gifts to send sweet and useful wishes to give a sincere heart every New Year to spring. For example, every year, Tien often presents his birth and relatives with Danisa butter biscuits – a brand associated with “symbol” of gratitude for many years.

Danisa is the brand Thuy Tien – Cong Vinh chose to accompany this Tet with a meaningful gratitude campaign. Image: Danisa.

With a delicious taste that makes a difference, Danisa biscuits are always the favorite brand of Tien and the whole family. That is also the reason Tien chose to accompany Danisa in the Tet project “Send gratitude and welcome the full spring”.

– What does Tien hope to send everyone through this Tet project?

– 2020 is a year of upheaval but also very memorable for Tien and Vinh when receiving lots of love from family, friends and fans. The couple chose Danisa as a gift instead of their thanks to everyone.

Fairy believes that this sweet and delicate cookie box will bring joy and luck to the people that her family loves. Tien also hopes that, regardless of the circumstances, everyone should not forget to spread love and gratitude through meaningful gratitude gifts.

One of the activities that Tien is also very interested in this project is the opportunity to experience the Royal New Year Gala Dinner that Danisa awarded to lucky families.


Many consumers choose gifts of gratitude from Danisa to give to their families. Image: Danisa.

Welcoming a cozy new year means a special time in the Tet holiday of the Tien family for many years. A full reunion in a luxurious and sophisticated party is a way to welcome a new start with full of hope and positivity.

Ngoc An

The family of Thuy Tien and Cong Vinh expressed their gratitude on the occasion of Tet - 3

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