The volleyball beauty Kim Hue is afraid of being eaten, the U40 Brazilian pearl is still beautiful

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news – volleyball news) Kim Hue made fans “blush” with the latest confession, the Brazilian volleyball “goddess” aged U40 is still too flat.

Kim Hue “released hearing” boldly: Afraid of being “eaten” by others

Pham Kim Hue is one of the beauties of the Vietnamese volleyball village “active” on social networks. More specifically, the former beautiful flower at a time made fans excited by the unique and strange “hearing” sentences.

Miss Kim Hue has many daring and humorous “drop hearing” sentences

Recently, Kim Hue continues to add to the list of “hot” statements with a humorous but equally daring statement: “Those who are pursuing you are not necessarily in love with you … but just want to eat meat friend”. On her personal page, her friends left many funny comments, and even admitted that the saying of volleyball “startled many people”.

The Brazilian volleyball “goddess” aged U40 is still stunning

Although Jacqueline Carvalho is 36 years old, she is still considered one of the most beautiful female volleyball players in Brazil. And in a recent interview for Globo, Jacqueline said she had a dream of becoming a TV MC after retiring.

“I love to communicate, to dialogue and have fun. I have been with my husband and children on home isolation during the past time and this time I have thought a lot about preparing to quit volleyball. I always receive positive messages from fans saying people will always support no matter how I take my next step, and I am very touched by that support, ”said Jacqueline.

The volleyball queen Kim Hue is afraid of being 'cannibalized', the Brazilian U40 pearl is still amazingly beautiful - 3

Jacqueline Carvalho

“If I become a TV MC it will be a dream come true for me. But otherwise I will continue to develop social networking with fans, my life beside volleyball is always something new. “

The Korean volleyball beauty “causes storm” because of her cute expression

Lee Da Yeong, 24 years old, is known as Korea’s No. 1 “volleyball goddess” thanks to her height of 1m79 and beautiful appearance. In the national team shirt, she won the ASIAD 2014 gold medal, the bronze medal for the 2014 Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship, the bronze medal at the 2013 Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship, …

On November 29, Lee Da Yeong proved his irresistible charm when his twin sister Lee Jae Yeong joined the TV show. In the moment when Lee Da Yeong accidentally entered the camera’s camera, Lee Da Yeong suddenly showed a pained expression, showing off his white skin and extremely cute “dumpling” cheeks.

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