The Vietnamese volleyball beauties retired soon full of regret

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 1:05 pm (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, volleyball news) Quite a lot of the excellent female athletes of the Vietnamese volleyball village have retired from a very young career to a different direction that brings a lot of regrets.

Ha Ngoc Diem (Vinh Long Television)

Ngoc Diem is a talented owner of volleyball in Vinh Long and in the national team. With a height of 1m77, she possesses a momentum up to 3m10, a range of 2m95, a record of Vietnamese women’s volleyball.

Ngoc Diem is highly appreciated by experts but does not continue her career

Good resilience, skillful, unpredictable blows, confidence and bravery when playing, Ngoc Diem is highly appreciated by experts for the important role of a girl born in 1990 in the development of volleyball. country.

6 years in the national team, Ngoc Diem has a respectable record like the 2013, 2015 SEA Games gold medal and many small titles at the club level. She is also attracted by her well-proportioned body, attractive, and white skin like a model. However, with injuries that cannot completely recover, Ngoc Diem decided to retire from her career when she was only 25 years old.

Duong Thi Hen (Binh Dien Long An)

The decision to retire at the age of 22 of the younger sister of the athlete Duong Thi Nhan has left many regrets for Western volleyball fans. After Thanh Thuy joined the Japanese football team, Duong Thi Han became the main owner of the team.

Vietnamese volleyball beauties who retired early regrettedly - 2

The batter Duong Thi Hen retired when she was 22 years old

With a height of 1m74, Thi Hen has a rebound strength of more than 3m, a range of 2m93 and extremely powerful blows. The female athlete born in 1998 always showed a very high performance and became a pillar of Binh Dien Long An when he was only 19 years old. Even Thi Hen’s excellence made the Long An volleyball fans forget the lack of Thanh Thuy at that time.

However, in 2020, she unexpectedly announced her retirement after persistent injuries as well as some personal problems.

Nguyen Thi Hong Dao (Binh Dien Long An)

Hong Dao is not only the best second pass of Binh Dien Long An club but also of the national team. It can be said that the passes like Hong Dao have helped raise the bar of Thanh Thuy or Kim Thanh … Even the seniors Ngoc Hoa used to give a lot of compliments on their ability to pass the ball, tactics, and pieces. clear of juniors.

Vietnamese volleyball beauties who retired soon regrettedly - 3

Passing two excellent Hong Dao retiring from retirement, brings a lot of regret

Hong Dao is considered a talented “builder” who can adjust the rhythm of the ball to suit his teammates. Her passes are consistently stable and highly effective. However, after wrist and pillow injuries, Hong Dao decided to break up with volleyball to get married.

Dang Thu Huyen (About LienVietPostBank)

The most recent is the surprising breakup of two Dang Thu Huyen pass when he was only 19 years old, causing “shock”. The female captain of U19 Vietnam is considered the most valuable talent in the volleyball village of the country. She repeatedly received the title of “excellent two passes” in youth tournaments.

Vietnamese volleyball beauties who retired early regrettedly - 4

Dang Thu Huyen declared his retirement “shocking”

In 2020, Thu Huyen excellently won the title of “Excellent second pass”, young volleyball tournament of Cup of national clubs in 2020 and Hoa Hui of the national youth volleyball championship in 2020. At the end of 2020, Thu Huyen left. “Hire” for the Dak Lak team and contribute to the successful relegation team.

Currently in very high form and impressive performances, Thu Huyen suddenly announced his retirement. The decision of the hot girl in the volleyball village has become a big shock to the volleyball village in Vietnam.

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