The US surpassed China in the 89th minute to take the Olympic hegemony: Trembling about the number 1 position

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 00:14 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports News – Tokyo Olympic News) Although maintaining the number 1 position in the entire team, the unique position of American sports has been shaken violently at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Tokyo Olympics with many unprecedented things in history has witnessed unforgettable imprints of sports delegations. Follow the hot stories at this year’s Olympics with a series of look backs at some of the sports teams at this year’s tournament, starting on August 10.

America’s gold medal in women’s basketball:

Superpower sportsmanship

The Tokyo Olympics saw the race to the top of the most dramatic team in Olympic history. On the last day of competition, the US sports team made a spectacular breakthrough to reach the finish line with a record of 39 gold medals (HCV), only 1 gold more than the Chinese team, and marked the 3rd Olympic Games in a row. 1st place overall (after London 2012 and Rio 2016).

America surpassed China "min 89"  Olympic hegemony: Trembling about the number 1 - 1 position

Tokyo Olympics is the 3rd Olympics in a row, the US won first place in the whole team

Of the 113 medals won by the US (39 gold medals, 41 silver medals, 33 bronze medals), nearly a quarter belonged to swimming (11 gold, 10 silver, 9 bronze). Caeleb Dressel, “new Michael Phelps” had a performance of a lifetime when he won 5 gold medals, becoming the best athlete of the Tokyo Olympics.

In addition to swimming, the US continues to maintain its dominance in strength sports. The women’s basketball team won the 7th gold medal in a row, while the men’s basketball team also celebrated the 7th gold medal in the last 8 Olympics. Meanwhile, the women’s water polo team won the third Olympic gold medal in a row.

The gold medals of Gable Steveson (wrestling), Nevin Harrison (Canoeing), especially the Hmong girl Sunisa Lee (gymnastics) were a big surprise. Most of them are just participating in the Olympics for the first time, or are not candidates to win gold.

The sports that brought the most medals for the US at the Tokyo Olympics
Subject HCV Silver Bronze medal total
Swimming 11 ten 9 30
Athletics 7 twelfth 7 26
Wrestling 3 2 4 9
Shoots 3 2 first 6
Basketball 3 0 0 3
Gymnastics 2 2 2 6

The unique position shakes violently

The fact that the US had to wait until the last day of competition to win the first place in the whole team was no coincidence. In fact, 39 gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics is the lowest gold achievement of the US in the last 3 Olympics (won 46 gold medals in London and Rio Olympics).

More importantly, their number of silver medals is up to 41, the most since the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the number shows that in many subjects, many contents, the US team has lost in the race with many other sports teams.

America overtakes China "min 89"  Olympic hegemony: Trembling about the number 1 - 3 position

The Tokyo Olympics are a wake-up call to the unique position of American sports

Even in swimming, the achievement of 30 medals, including 11 gold medals, decreased significantly compared to the London Olympics (31 medals, 16 gold medals) and Rio Olympics (33 medals, 16 gold medals).

Most disappointing is athletics, one of America’s two “gold mines” at the Olympics. For the first time since 1980, American men’s track and field athletes finished the Olympics without any individual gold medals (7 golds came from women’s individual, or team events).

Another bitter defeat was women’s football. The girls of the “land of flowers” only won bronze in Japan, experiencing the second consecutive Olympic failure with the queen.

In gymnastics, the event “queen” Simone Biles withdrew from the 4 events that won gold at the Rio Olympics, causing the US’s medal achievement to halve (2 golds and 6 medals of all kinds compared to 4 gold medals). Gold medals and 12 medals of all kinds at the Rio Olympics).

The US is still the world’s No. 1 sports power, but its unique position is shaking violently. The failure of athletics, women’s football at the Tokyo Olympics, or the decline of some other sports will be a powerful wake-up call to the “land of flowers” sports team, in the context of the time to prepare for the upcoming event. The 2024 Paris Olympics are not much left.

The number of silver medals and the ranking of the US in the last 10 Olympic Games
Olympic Number of silver/total medals won Final ranking
Los Angeles 1984 61/174 first
Seoul 1988 31/94 3
Barcelona 1992 34/108 2
Atalanta 1996 32/101 first
Sydney 2000 24/93 first
Athens 2004 39/101 first
Beijing 2008 39/112 2
London 2012 28/104 first
Rio 2016 37/121 first
Tokyo 2021 41/113 first

Losing to the US team on the last day of competition, is China really going forward or backward in this year’s Olympics? We invite you to read the next article at 6 am on Wednesday, August 11th.


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