The unemployed could lose up to 250 euros per month with the reform, according to Unédic

We knew that the unemployment insurance reform was going to have serious consequences for some job seekers. We now know how much. New simulations were carried out by Unédic at the request of the trade unions, in order to take into account the decision of the Council of State of November 25, 2020, and especially the announcements of the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne to the social partners, on March 2.

These simulations, which “the Obs” were able to consult, take into account the reform of the daily reference wage (SJR). They also take into account the “floor” mechanism, designed to mitigate the most devastating effects of the reform, and which guarantees that the reduction in the allowance will not exceed 43% compared to today (this is the scenario which should be retained by the State, subject to the exact content of the decree, which is not yet published).

Three cases

In accordance with the objectives declared by the government, the big losers of the reform are those called “permittents”, that is to say people who work intermittently, alternating precarious contracts (CDD, interim …) with periods of unemployment. The study distinguishes three categories of “permittents”, representing more than a third of the French unemployed.

  • Beneficiaries whose work rate is between 25 and 49% of the time, and who now receive an income supplement of 890 euros on average, will see their benefit

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