The UFC godfather chased the beautiful female martial artist, the beauty enjoyed it hot

Monday, February 22, 2021 1:05 pm (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Notable behind-the-scenes information regarding the decision of UFC president, Dana White and a beauty with a bold decision.

UFC broke up with 9 boxers, including the beauty Aleksandra Albu

MMAjunkie recently reported, UFC decided to break up at the same time with 9 punches. In addition to the infamous male punches, the audience was startled to see the name Aleksandra Albu, a talented female boxer and a hot beauty like a model.

Albu is no longer a member of the UFC

The UFC godfather

UFC President Dana White “hands down” to eliminate 9 boxers

In fact, the 30-year-old female boxer is a personal Instagram photo model with more than 74,000 followers. Albu, who goes by the nickname “Stitch” (a fictional extraterrestrial animal), has been playing for the UFC since 2015, starting with 2 wins and in the last 2 games she lost.

Signing a contract with the UFC has been 6 years, but the Russian boxer did not play much, she also lost the last 2 consecutive matches, so the UFC president, who was dubbed the “godfather” of this event, entered his name. Beautiful people on the list of contract expires.

The boxers who were eliminated from the UFC all have a bad record in their recent matches, only male puncher Dmitry Sosnovskiy is an exception. The Russian boxer has a series of 11 victories and a successful debut tournament. However, this puncher left the whole year 2018 due to an injury, in 2019, he was also arrested with charges of kidnapping and extortion. That is the reason why the 1m91 boxer is no longer a member of the UFC.

The beautiful “hot movie” promises a night bonus for boxers

Information Russian beauty, Lyubov Bushueva promised to reward “sex” for male boxer Artem Tarasov has made martial arts audience interested. After training with boxer Tarasov, the beautiful “hot movie” Bushueva showed affection for a handsome puncher, so she launched a skill to encourage the 30-year-old puncher.

The UFC godfather

After training with famous boxers …

The UFC godfather

… “hot movie” beauties give incentives to fighters

Tarasov played MMA against rival Mikhail Koklyaev on February 21 in an event called “King of the ring”, and beautiful Bushueva before the match confirmed that she would reward 30-year-old puncher “sex” if he won. profit. Before the gift is somewhat delicate, boxer Tarasov has not yet given an official answer to the beauty.

There is nothing that Tarasov wants to be rewarded, because he lost to Koklyaev by scoring in the match in Moscow, Russia. Koklyaev overwhelmed Tarasov from the beginning to the end and even though he did not win with a knock-out, the fighter was still awarded with a higher score from all three judges.

Tarasov is the idol of many women in Russia. He finished third in the competition “The Strongest Man in the Planet 2010) in South Africa, winning the Strongman Champions League seven times.

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An equally beautiful beauty

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