The turning point of 50 years of customs officers

Mr. Tran Huu Duc fell in love with the insurance consulting industry when he was over 50 years old and after 6 years, he has achieved many successes in the profession.

Mr. Tran Huu Duc (born in 1958, living in Nghe An) came to work as an insurance consultant when he was over 50 years old. Having achieved “freedom” in many aspects of his life, he decided to change to pursue a new job. Although he started his job at a middle age, he did not have the age advantages of his younger colleagues, but he has earned the title of TOT (Top of The Table – the highest title of the Million Dollar Round Table Association MDRT). , demonstrating the quality of insurance industry consultants.

Start your career by building trust

At the time when he became attached to the insurance consulting industry, Mr. Duc was still a customs officer. At this time, the agency’s leaders had a frank discussion with him due to concerns that his main work would be affected. However, thanks to his love of the profession and practical actions, Mr. Duc proves that he can fulfill his responsibilities with both jobs. He only arranges time for consultation in the evenings and days off and still fulfills the main tasks assigned by the customs office. Thanks to that, the organization also agreed and continued to believe in him.

It was only when he retired two years ago that he devoted himself entirely to consulting work. During his career, he also realized that this is a job that not only helps his family become more economically independent but also brings human values ​​to society. “As a provider of protection solutions for customers, a consultant is not only a companion to customers to overcome difficulties but also helps people plan, set long-term financial goals, prepare for the future,” he said.

Mr. Tran Huu Duc finds joy in his work as an insurance consultant.

After 6 years of working, Mr. Duc has always kept in mind that he needs to cherish and preserve each relationship with customers in order to build trust from those he has come into contact with. “There are customers who have been with me since the days when I was a customs officer. Knowing that I am reputable, when they get insurance advice, they say that even though they may not have learned about my company, they believe me.” Duc said. This also helps his consulting work more convenient, from there, customers understand better and choose the most practical solution.

Mr. Duc also believes that there is no better customer than the old one. If they feel they are well served, they will introduce more relatives and friends. There are even people who come to him to learn about insurance products, sign contracts without attending events or seminars because they have “guaranteeed” trust from old customers.

He revealed that his retention and contract signing rate is always around 98% – 99%. The secret is to treat old customers like family. If the counselor takes good care of them, they will share positively with everyone around and more people will know them. It is important for the consultant to do well and do the right thing.

Changing the way of consulting during the pandemic

Like most consultants during the epidemic season, Duc actively learns so that he can work online and connect remotely with customers. Until now, many people are afraid that online insurance advice does not create the friendliness and trust as when face-to-face. Moreover, not all consultants are proficient in technology, but Mr. Duc thinks differently, the shared content is the most important thing. If it is an honest conversation, providing the right information with what the customer is interested in, there will still be positive results. During a risky epidemic, the need for customers to protect their health and finances has increased. In the past 2 years, the number of people looking to Mr. Duc to sign an insurance policy has increased significantly, although most of the work is handled by him online.

Anh Duc believes that regardless of whether it is a face-to-face or online connection, consultants must adhere to the 3D principle (True – Enough – Regular) and follow the company’s processes and instructions. This not only ensures the reputation for themselves, the quality of work, but also creates a more secure feeling for customers.

Interestingly, Mr. Duc’s wife and son-in-law are also consultants of the MDRT Million Dollar Round Table Association. Sometimes when facing difficulties and problems, he always asks his family for advice. He also helps his wife find more sources of customers. The couple always strives and supports each other in their work. “My wife and I work in the same profession, but we never disagree, but on the contrary, we understand, sympathize and help each other more,” Mr. Duc said.

Giving advice to young consultants, Mr. Duc said that first of all, it is necessary to love the profession and have the courage to overcome all challenges, including prejudices about the profession. Next, it is necessary to ignore the ego, put the customer’s interests first to build trust and bring the best solution for them.

His wife accompanies her husband at work.

His wife accompanies her husband at work.

Success and financial freedom in old age

Just two years after retiring, working full-time as a consultant, Mr. Duc won the TOT (Top of The Table) title. He also maintains the MDRT title for 4 consecutive years and expects that in 2022, he will try to keep the TOT title as well as have higher business results compared to the previous year.

Anh Duc is seen as a role model for someone who has achieved freedom, when he can choose to do what he likes at an age that people often think “there will be certain limits”. Besides financial independence, working and connecting regularly with customers, colleagues also help him to have a clear and comfortable spirit. Moreover, being able to do a job that he likes, bringing a lot of human values ​​and meaning to the community also helps him feel loved for his job and motivated to make more efforts.

As a person who is enjoying a comfortable late-afternoon life, Duc also wants to be able to share this with more people, help people prepare financially, have a backup solution for the future. future for a more secure, fulfilling life. “This is a goal and motivation for me to connect and give a lot of love to customers. I am over 60 years old this year and will still stick with the profession until I can’t do it anymore. “, Duc said.

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