The tube house has every room overlooking the river

HCMCThe homeowner of the house in District 7 does business, attaches great importance to the feng-shui factor, so requires the architect to arrange everything “in the right direction”.

The requirements of the owner are very strict, such as the daughter’s bedroom is located first, the parent’s bedroom is behind, the kitchen and sink are not on the same side … Besides, the house is located in the planned area according to the Samples should not be faceted change.

Ground floor space with living room and kitchen – dining room connected. Image: Quang Tran.

In addition to the above disadvantages, the house has the advantage of overlooking the river, the area is large enough to arrange rooms.

To meet the requirements of homeowners and create a living space suitable for a family of five, architects designed the house around a large sky-well.

Heaven well.  Photo: Quang Tran.

The skylight is the center of the house. Image: Quang Tran.

The skylight is like the “heart” of the project, taking light, increasing the ventilation and connecting the space both horizontally and vertically. The glass panel above the skylight well is divided into four to both the diameter and limit sunlight.

Functional areas are arranged before and after the skylight. Thanks to the floor-leveling tactics and the off-floor wooden ladder system, the room in the back was not blocked from view in the front. All bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens are equipped with large glass doors to see the full “view” of the river in front of the house.

In terms of materials, the building mainly uses abrasive stones, grinding stone walls, rough concrete ceilings, and walnut wood to create a coarse, close, yet luxurious and cozy feel.

Bedrooms are arranged large doorway to overlook the river in front of the house.  Photo: Quang Tran.

Bedrooms are arranged large doorway to overlook the river in front of the house. Image: Quang Tran.

See the technical drawings of the project here.

Click to see more pictures of the project.

Minh Trang

Image: Quang Tran

Design: Ha


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