The teacher wants to save the 6-year-old boy who weighs only 10 kg

Lai ChauLooking at a photo of a colleague taking a photo of a grade 1 student, his belly bulging out like a pregnant woman, Nguyen Hue knew he needed help, so he rode a motorbike 150 km to the verification house.

Over three hours through zigzag slopes, Hue, 33 years old, found the boy’s house in Pa Bon village, Nam Pi commune, Nam Nhon district.

In front of her eyes is a house built from bamboo poles, covered with canvas. Inside, there was only a rotten bed and a mat spread on the ground. “The most valuable thing is probably less than 200,000 VND,” said the teacher, who has worked in the highlands for 17 years.

Ms. Hue, a teacher at a secondary school in Tan Uyen town, often calls for donations of old clothes and books to help poor children in the province. Whenever there is a difficult student who needs help, the teachers come to Ms. Hue.

The boy with a “pregnant” belly named Sin Huy Vu stood behind his father. Hue brought some milk and sweets for her, but Sin Van Huong, Vu’s father, refused because if he let him eat a lot, his stomach would swell, causing more pain.

Sin Huy Vu, 6 years old, weighs just over 10 kg due to congenital megacolon. Photo of Ms. Nguyen Hue taken on September 24.

Mr. Huong said that since childhood, Vu had an eating disease but did not digest, often suffering from abdominal pain. Every time the child complained of pain, the father could only rub his stomach. “The family doesn’t have money to go to the hospital,” said a man from the Mang ethnic group.

Huong’s wife passed away when Vu was three years old. The house has no cultivation, sometimes he goes to the hydroelectric power station to ask for a supplement, grafting the phase, and earns 200,000 VND a day. “Whenever my child is sick, I stay at home to take care of him. The family has elderly parents and small children, so I can’t leave anyone to work far away,” he said.

From the day he went to school, Vu often only could bear half a day and asked her to let him go home. “No matter how inconvenient it is for a pregnant woman to stand up and sit down, so am I. The child is sick and the family is difficult, so I love her very much,” said Ms. Chi, the teacher in charge of Vu’s class, who also sent the photo to Ms. Hue, tell.

Mr. Pan Van Cheo, head of Pa Bon village, said that Mr. Huong’s family is one of more than 30 poor households out of 105 households in the village. “This house does not have a proper home. Several years ago, 15 kg of rice was provided every month, but this year there is no longer this policy,” said Mr. Cheo.

Ms. Nguyen Hue took a picture of a house with a canvas, with the ground of Sin Huy Vu's family, and posted it on social networks to call for help, on September 27.

Ms. Nguyen Hue took a picture of a house surrounded by canvas, with the ground of Sin Huy Vu’s family, and posted it on social networks to call for help, on September 27.

Witnessing Vu’s situation, Hue urged the father to fold the clothes so that the child could be transported to the hospital, 90 km away. But Mr. Huong wants to wait for his family to accompany him. Before returning home, Ms. Hue gave her father 500,000 VND, and booked a car to take them to the hospital the next morning.

At home, she went on social media to share about the plight of the baby, then went to the hospital to understand the situation. After five days, unknown benefactors have supported the baby with more than 25 million VND.

Baby Vu was diagnosed by doctors at Lai Chau province hospital with congenital megacolon. If not treated promptly, it can also cause serious complications such as: toxic enteritis, blood infection, intestinal obstruction or semi-obstruction, intestinal perforation causing life-threatening peritonitis.

A representative of the social work group of Lai Chau province hospital said that because she is a poor household, she was supported with one million dong and free meals. “Doctors will carry out procedures for baby Vu to be transferred to the National Children’s Hospital in Hanoi for treatment when a car comes down,” he said.

However, because of the epidemic, buses have not yet operated, Hue has to contact a volunteer group to bring poor children from home to the hospital, to save costs. Yesterday, a volunteer bus passed through the hospital in Lai Chau province, agreeing to take Sin Huy Vu and his son to Hanoi. But because her father didn’t test quickly, he couldn’t make the trip in time. Currently, the volunteer group has not been able to determine when they can pick up.

“Finding a car for my child to go to Hanoi, I am worried that 25 million dong will be enough to treat the baby during the whole process. I’m just afraid that ‘bringing my child to the market’ will make me suffer, but I also feel tormented.” Hue said.

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