The tallest martial artist on the planet 2m27 was beaten to the shore by the dwarf

Sunday, January 31, 2021 19:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Not Gogea Mitu (2m23) is the tallest fighter on the planet, but Montanha Silva (2m27) is No. 1.

Video boxer 2m27 is continuously knocked down by the lower opponent

The world press has had many articles summarizing the highest martial arts characters on the planet, in which Gogea Mitu (2m23), the Romanian puncher holds the Guinness World Record thanks to the highest on the planet. However, according to statistics of martial arts specialist Tapology, Brazilian puncher Montanha Silva (2m27) is the tallest.

Specialist martial arts site Tapology, said Brazilian puncher Montanha Silva (left) to 2m27 high

The deceased Mitu (born 1914, died 1936), and Montanha Silva, now 43 years old, is dubbed the “Goliath of the Amazon”. Silva practiced Muay Thai, he played Kickboxing and MMA.

The career of the 43-year-old boxer began in 2003. The 2m27 high-puncher debuted Kickboxing at the 2003 K-1 event in Japan, unfortunately this match was defeated by Musashi. Along with kicboxing, “Goliath Amazon” also fights MMA mixed martial arts.

Playing 8 matches, the tallest boxer on the planet won only 2 and lost 6, the last match Silva attended was a talent show compared to Shinya Aoki in 2015. With a remarkable height, Silva is usually 1/3 higher than his opponent. However, due to limited movement and reflexes, the Brazilian puncher suffered many failures.

Atsushi Sawada, Shinya Aoki, two Japanese boxers who are 180cm tall (47cm less), but when faced with Silva, they both outperformed and easily knocked out Brazilians in the first half. Before that, although he was not defeated, Silva also lost points against Akio Mori, Ernesto Hoost, two punchers with a height of less than 1m90.

The most “balanced” performance of Silva is the encounter with Semmy Schilt (2m11), who has the nickname “High Tower” from the Netherlands. The match took place in 2005, right in the second half of the first half, the 143kg Brazilian boxer was knocked down by the opponent with a high-altitude kick.

Losing more than winning, according to some sources, the 43-year-old boxer had retired from the professional playground, he stepped back to work as a training for young fighters.

The tallest martial artist on the planet 2m27 was beaten

Taller than all his opponents, but Silva (on the right) was unsuccessful

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