The surprising use of soap

Not only does it clean, soap also helps you hide your clumsiness and quickly correct mistakes.

Fix sticky drawers and sliding doors

When drawers or sliding doors cannot open smoothly, rub soap on the rails. If screwing the furniture together is difficult, you can also coat the threads with a bit of soap. The door lock is stuck, hard, try coating the key with soap. Insert the key into the lock and manipulate it a few times. The lock will be easier to use.

Refresh wardrobe drawers, wardrobes, suitcases and cars

You can unwrap the bars of soap, then cover them with an old towel or piece of cloth and place them in the cupboard. The mild fragrance and disinfectant in the soap help keep your cabinets smelling fresh and prevent mold.

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Hide a mistake

If you see a few small nail holes in the wall after moving the painting, choose a bar of soap that matches your wall color. Rub over the hole to fill it until the hole is sealed and repaint.

Prevent paint splattering

When you want to paint a wall next to a glass or mirror, rub a bar of soap on the glass. If you get sticky paint on the glass, the soap will come off easily. This method is much faster and more efficient than scraping paint.

Similarly, if the mirror is foggy after a hot shower, you can rub a bar of soap on the glass. No need to add water, just wipe the stain with a dry cloth. The next time you shower, there will be no more fog.

Identify leaks

If you can’t spot where a tire or kid’s pool is leaking, moisten a bar of soap and rub it over suspicious areas. The soap film will create bubbles as the air escapes.

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