The surprising coincidence of twin sisters

AmericaIdentical twin sisters Jill Justiniani and Erin Cheplak both gave birth to boys on May 5, they were the same weight and length.

From baby to adult, twins in Yorba Linda, California play together, eat and sleep together. “My parents told us that we had our own language. They put us next to each other in the crib. I made a sound and Erin responded,” said Jill, 30.

Sisters Jill and Erin plan to get pregnant at the same time. However, the due date of the two is different. Jill was scheduled to have a cesarean section on May 5 due to her breech position, and Erin was due to give birth 10 days later. But the morning Jill gave birth, Erin’s water broke too.

Eri hugs her son Silas (left) and Jill hugs her son Oliver. Image: JILL JUSTINIANI & ERIN CHEPLAK

“I called my husband to confirm that I was not joking, urging him to take him to the hospital. Then I called Jill to tell her. She made an appointment to see me at the hospital,” Erin said.

The sister was scheduled to have an operation at 13:30, but it was delayed because the hospital had several emergency departments. She was born at 16:40. Meanwhile, Erin arrived at the hospital at 9:30, gave birth at 11:30. The surprise was not only there, when the doctor announced that the two children both weighed 4 kg and were 50 cm long.

Erin, Jill and the children were in two opposite rooms. They were discharged from the hospital at the same time, returning home within a five-minute drive of each other in Yorba Linda.

Before that, Erin lived in Long Beach, a 45-minute drive from her sister’s house. But when she became pregnant, she moved closer to Jill’s house so the children could grow up together, like their mother.

Jill (left) and her sister.  Photo: JILL JUSTINIANI & ERIN CHEPLAK

Jill (left) and her sister. Image: JILL JUSTINIANI & ERIN CHEPLAK

Cousins ​​grew up in Brea, California. When the twins were 6 years old, their parents gave birth to a younger sister, suffering from a rare genetic disorder, requiring many hospital stays. The two children witnessed their parents both raising them and struggling to take care of their disabled younger brother. “My sister and I have always relied on each other to live. So I want my children to be able to rely on each other the way my sister and I did,” added Jill.

Their sister passed away at the age of 12. The loss and hardship they experienced were the driving force for Jill and Erin to join the field of pediatric therapy. Currently, they work together in the same outpatient clinic, as pediatric therapists.

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