The strongest person in the planet fighters, lighter than 63kg, broken nose

Monday, January 18, 2021 16:10 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) For the first time boxing debut, “God Thor” Iceland had many difficulties against the opponent lighter than 63kg.

Video match between “God Thor Iceland” and British puncher:

Hafpor Bjornsson, who was dubbed the “God of Thor” Iceland, who won the contest “The strongest man on the planet 2018” now does not participate in power competitions, but this puncher switched to Boxing. In Dubai, UAE last weekend, the first boxing match of “God Thor” with Steven Ward (UK) took place.

Bjornsson (right) drew with British opponent Ward (left) in the match on 17/1

“God Thor” (2m06, weighing more than 200 kg) only fought Ward, who was 18cm shorter than him and 63 kg lighter, but the game was not too different. In the first half, Ward actively moved continuously to avoid hammer-like attacks from Bjornsson, half of his time in the first half before he had quality counterattacks.

Entering the second half, the stamina of “God Thor” was still guaranteed, 32-year-old boxer, Bjornsson launched a powerful hand-blow combination, knocked Ward down. Very painful, but 30-year-old puncher, Ward can continue playing. Bjornsson put up, but now professional dodging skills helped the British boxer survive the second half.

Due to exerting strength in the second half, in the last half, the Irishman punched in a sharp force. Lack of fighting strength, Bjornsson proved slow, taking advantage of the opportunity to hit the British punches with a powerful punch that made the nose of “God Thor” burst blood. The third round bell finally rang.

Like the match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr, this match is also friendly, there is no assessment, so the match stopped with a draw. After training with Ward, “God Thor” headed to the match with Eddie Hall, the athlete who won the “Strongest man on the planet 2017”.

Scheduled for this match to take place in September 2021, “God Thor” expressed his determination: “I have only one goal, which is to knock out Eddie Hall.

Eddie Hall said the character of the nickname “Beast” is a rival to balance with “Thor Iceland”. The British puncher is 1m9 tall, weighs 164 kg, is currently working hard towards the match against Bjornsson.

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Tiny fighting giant:

(Sports news, martial arts news) Icelandic “God Thor” officially entered the boxing ring on January 15 in Dubai (UAE).


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