The strength of the boy is only half of his body

AmericaWith only her upper half left, Loren Schauers hopes to become an influencer by sharing her own story.

Loren Schauers, 19 years old, lives in the city of Great Falls, Montana, has a happy life with girlfriend Sabia Reiche. They used to plan to get married next year and will have many children. However, the accident of being crushed by a 4-ton crane under the lower body made this guy’s life completely changed.

Loren Schauers rehabilitated after being cut off the lower half. Image: The Mirror.

“It was September 27, 2019, a terrible day for me,” recalled Loren Schauers. That day, a 19-year-old man was driving a forklift moving across a bridge at a construction site. Due to driving too close to the edge of the bridge, the ground suddenly crumbled, both the body and the car plunged down a hill 15m high. The forklift rolled several times down the hill before Loren Schauers hit the ground and crushed the young man.

When the accident happened, Loren Schauers was completely awake and felt that her lower body was no longer feeling. When admitted to the hospital, doctors decided to cut from the waist down to save his life. “We also tried to save the sperm of this young man because he was too young, but the force was impatient,” said a doctor in the emergency team.

After the major surgery, in addition to losing her entire lower body, Loren Schauers also had to completely amputate her forearm and right hand. Doctors told relatives that even with the surgery, this guy has a little chance of survival.

However, Loren Schauers won a spectacular victory. His health improved at an amazing speed. According to the doctor, Loren Schauers had to be hospitalized for at least a year and a half, but in reality he only stayed in hospital for 3 months, rehabilitated for 4 weeks, then returned home. This young man also taught himself how to put on a prosthesis and get into a wheelchair without any assistance. Every day he still exercises and rehabilitates himself in order to be in good health.

“Whenever obstacles emerge in our new life, Loren will find ways to solve it and come up with a mythical solution that the average person would not have come up with. of him, maybe I’m just deep in self-pity, “Sabia Reiche commented on her lover.

Loren Schauers fell in love with her fiancé.  Photo: The Mirror.

Loren Schauers fell in love with her fiancé. Image: The Mirror.

During the hospital stay, the love affair of Loren and Sabia Reiche became more and more deep, although the boy had six times said goodbye to his girlfriend. “He did everything he could to make life as normal as possible for himself and for me, that’s what I really love him,” the girl said. The couple has been dating for a year and a half believe the accident has brought them closer together and they got engaged earlier this year.

Loren said that in the future he wants to be a person who inspires many people to overcome adversity through Twitch – a live video streaming service. He also wants to travel around the world with his fiancée, raising a few children so that they become useful people for society.

The 19-year-old also advises people in similar situations: “Ignore what you cannot possess, focus and make the most of what you have to have a happy life”.

Vy Trang (According to the The Mirror)


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