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Originally an F0 who had to stay in the hospital for 28 days and then self-isolate at home for another 14 days, the 34-year-old man living and working in Ho Chi Minh City returned to field hospital No. different. Instead of worrying because he was infected, he now wants to contribute his efforts to support doctors and Covid-19 patients to quickly overcome the disease.

Wearing a special blue protective suit, equipped with a mask, gloves, and anti-droplet glasses, every day, Mr. Nguyen Hong Ky works in the emergency room, taking care of critically ill patients who need to breathe. machine and no family nearby. He helps them eat, clean the body, sometimes even massage, wash the hair of the patients to reduce pain and stress.

Having been an F0, he understands very well what the patient is going through. He used to be silent as if he couldn’t breathe when he watched doctors and patients fight at the border of life and death and burst with joy when danger passed. “I want to spread the spirit of optimism to patients whether it is mild or severe, and I want to advise everyone to maintain a positive spirit, consider this as a disease a little above normal to be overcome.”

Also wishing to spread the spirit of optimism, kindness and love to soon overcome the epidemic, Mr. Ha Ngoc Truong, a recovered F0 became a volunteer at Cu Chi field hospital. Overcoming the pain of losing his mother because of Covid-19, he thought, “The person who dies will also die, if you are lucky to be alive, try to do good things, if you can help someone, just help. Everyone don’t be discouraged, let’s try. trying to overcome, the most important thing is love for others.”

The F0s who have recovered from the disease volunteered to stay on the front lines.

Referring to the green color on the front lines, it is impossible not to mention the medical workers who are working day and night to fight the epidemic. Sending her child to her sister, nurse Bui Linh went to work at a field hospital in Thu Duc with optimism that the epidemic would soon be repelled, so that life would return to normal soon, her son would be able to return to normal. go to school, her relatives will be back to work.

Doctor Vo Tan Luc, working at the Emergency Department of Cho Ray Hospital, said that every day in front of the patient’s life-or-death boundary, he did not allow himself to give up. “Our job is to narrow the red zone, repel the epidemic,” he shared. The source of energy for him to overcome the hardships of anti-epidemic work is the hope that healthy green areas will soon cover the country, so that everyone can return to normal life, and he can be surrounded again. pants with loving family.

Doctors or volunteers like Mr. Hong Ky and Ngoc Truong are really the spiritual support and belief for Covid-19 patients to win the disease and return to their families. Where the frontline faces life and death day and night, they are the “green spots” that bring faith and hope for a healthy tomorrow, overcome the epidemic and return to a normal life.

The story of the green spots in the green area of ​​hope

At the peak period, the epidemic situation in Ho Chi Minh City was complicated, the army force was strengthened to support people against the epidemic. The appearance of the blue soldier shirt has made people feel more confident and secure. Soldier Dang Van Hieu, performing the duty of guarding the road, felt very happy to be warmly welcomed by the people. “Sometimes people bring masks and bring water bottles to give me, which makes me very touched,” soldier Hieu shared.

Many of Hieu’s teammates performed a different task, somewhat “new” compared to what they had been trained and trained to do, which was to go to the market. Although there are still many surprises, all the soldiers feel very happy to be able to support people in this difficult time.

Going to the market for people in Binh Thanh, Lieutenant Tran Dinh Hung (of Division 5) said that delivering goods to people in Ho Chi Minh City is quite difficult because they have to go into many small alleys, difficult to find addresses, many houses. I have a dog so I’m a bit shy. “But it’s nice to see them waiting for me to come,” Lieutenant Hung confided.

Soldiers who are familiar with field exercises are now very careful in their work at the market for people during the epidemic season.

From the early days of the outbreak, here and there, all over the streets, alleys, and blockades appeared “blue shirts” of union members and young volunteers. They do not mind any work, from supporting concentrated sampling and vaccination activities to actively bringing necessities and relief goods to each difficult household….

The Mid-Autumn Festival during the Covid-19 period of children in the blockaded areas still had cakes and lanterns brought by the youth union members. Not Ms. Hang, Uncle Cuoi in the fairy tale, but the volunteers brought the children a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival.

With youth, enthusiasm and dedication, young volunteers have always stood by, supported and shared with the people during the days of fighting against the epidemic. “I hope I can send this little love to encourage you and we are determined to overcome the pandemic together,” volunteer Nguyen Huynh Minh Phuc said.

“My friends and I don’t have a ‘Green Summer’ like in previous years, but this special summer will definitely be part of the best memory of youth, of a youth who has lived to the fullest,” a members share.

Youth volunteers from the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union and Vinamilk gave gifts to people in Binh Tan district during the peak days of the epidemic.

In these days of separation, many people in residential group 37, Da Kao ward, district 1 have the new joy of talking about the patriarch. “I heard the knocking on the door, opened it, I couldn’t see the face of the person, only saw a bag containing a loaf of bread, I knew immediately that the patriarch had just passed.” One resident told about the patriarch named Hung, 65 years old, a retired teacher.

Over 30 years as the leader of the group, Mr. Hung said he had never encountered a difficult situation for the people in the group like this 4th outbreak of Covid-19. He still remembers that evening, when he heard the police announce that he had to block alley 14 – where 20 houses and more than 120 people live because of F0, he was dumbfounded. Although the leader’s job is to inform the people of the ward’s policies, Mr. Hung is still willing to take on more of the work of going to the market for everyone. “I go to the market but I’m addicted, but seeing them happy makes me feel warm inside because my job is meaningful,” said Mr. Hung.

In the days of staying apart, unable to go to the market, many people realize the meaning of neighborliness. When alley 502 Huynh Tan Phat Street, District 7 was blocked, it was difficult to buy necessities, many sponsors brought vegetable carts to give to everyone. Many families receive items sent from the countryside, are not rich but still give some to the neighbors. It’s just a pumpkin, a bunch of vegetables, a box of milk… but why is it so “warm and affectionate”, sharing together to overcome difficult times. “Usually busy and busy doing business, we don’t often talk to our neighbors, on days like this, we can feel the neighborly affection,” said Mr. Tuan, a resident living in the alley.

Volunteer trips, 0-dong vegetable shops support people in epidemic areas.

Life is a bit “dark” because the epidemic suddenly became brighter thanks to the simple people who brought a green color of concern, optimism and responsibility… When the epidemic ended, the calls “doctor” leader”, “neighbor” will surely become very familiar with a very special affection.

The epidemic forces us to separate, but it helps us “closer” to each other than that. Many small actions will have a great impact, together spreading more “green areas” of hope, the belief that we will win the epidemic, towards a good future, full of love.

Children are the most affected by the pandemic in many ways. During the 4th Covid-19 outbreak, about 1,500 children in Ho Chi Minh City became orphans, many of them unfortunately became F0, many other children had to be isolated or not cared for by their parents because parent is F0. Particularly, children with less fortunate circumstances in child care centers, shelters, and open houses, in addition to having their studies interrupted and reduced social interaction, also suffer many disadvantages because of their capital care conditions. was somewhat limited.

Everyone can contribute more “green points” to create more “green areas of hope” and bring 1 million glasses of milk to disadvantaged children.

Always targeting children in community programs, a million glasses of milk is the number supported by Vinamilk for more than 10,000 children through the activity “Give up green points for a healthy Vietnam” (under the project “Green area of ​​hope”, phase 2 of the campaign “You are healthy, healthy Vietnam”) that this business operates. Each child can drink milk for free for 3 months in a row, contributing to nutritional supplements and improving resistance during the epidemic period. Previously, as part of this campaign, Vinamilk contributed 10 billion VND to support the Covid-19 vaccine for children and take care of the cases of children facing difficulties due to the impact of the pandemic.

Sharing about this, Ms. Bui Thi Huong, Executive Director of Human Resources, Administration and External Relations of Vinamilk said: “In the fight against the epidemic, there will be more or less disadvantages, but we believe that each healthy people, Vietnam will be healthy and no one will be left behind, especially children, the precious green sprouts of the country.”

Each person is a “green spot” to create together “green areas of hope” for a healthy Vietnam – this is the message that the Green Zone project, within the framework of the campaign “You are healthy, , Vietnam is healthy” wants to convey. Not only to spread positivity, encourage people to live healthy and optimistic, this campaign is also a bridge connecting people’s hearts to underprivileged and disadvantaged children. give them a “green zone” of hope and love to be healthy and thrive.

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Photo: Dinh Van, Quynh Tran, Huu Khoa, VNM


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