The starburst was cuckolded by girlfriends, many people swallowed bitterly

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 19:27 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The world of sports has stories similar to the controversial news regarding the ex-girlfriend of a famous Vietnamese football player.

Not long after the theft of social network account information, football player Nguyen Quang Hai, a member of the Hanoi club and the Vietnamese team was involved in a new “incident”. On the evening of November 2, the HTQ account suddenly “accuses” Huynh Anh, who used to be Quang Hai’s girlfriend, is the third person in the love story of her and her boyfriend.

The controversy between Huynh Anh and Quang Hai caused fever on social networks

For her part, the girl Huynh Anh on the night of November 2 went to social networks to say that she was “falsely accused”, the photo reported that the “fabricated” person would receive bad consequences. Huynh Anh shared on his personal facebook that: “Huynh Anh and Hai are angry at each other and do not want to be noisy, so both choose to keep quiet.

There is absolutely no story about Huynh Anh “cuckolding” Hai … As for interfering with the relationship of another female friend, Huynh Anh affirmed that he did nothing to blame anyone … “

Huynh Anh also said that maybe because her phone was not locked when doing the renting procedure, her password for facebook, instagram could be revealed. The posted message has certainly been staged and edited. The time I spend 30 minutes away from my phone is not enough to build all of that, ”Huynh Anh wrote on his personal page.

How bad this story is, only insiders can tell. On the side of social network users, the aforementioned controversy has “caused storms” on social networks since the evening of November 2.

The noisy story about the “who is horny” suspicion makes people think of similar fumbles in the past related to sports superstars in the world.

Josip Ilicic, the main striker of the Atalanta Club (Italy) was “cuckolded” by his wife

In August 2020, the Corriere dello Sport revealed, striker Josip Ilicic (Slovenia), received marriage shock, his first wife holding his pillow for a long time “sleeping with strange boys”.

The starburst was

Ilicic (right) collapsed when he learned that he was betrayed by his wife (left)

At the end of July, the striker resigned to visit his home unexpectedly and the 32-man “dumbfounded” when he saw his wife dating another man in his own house. Psychological shock caused the 32-year-old striker to fall into a state of depression, he was bored, he was no longer eager to play. It seems that bad luck has not let go, despite returning to the club to play, Josip Ilicic is stuck with Covid-19.

John Terry “cuckold” fellow Wayne Bridge

The starburst was

Bridge (right) “severs” relationship with Terry (left), after being “cuckolded” by his best friend.

It happened in 2010. Former Chelsea midfielder and England team, Terry was exposed by the press many times stealing with Vanessa, making him and Bridge become enemies from friends. Remember Bridge and Terry used to be close like brothers because they played for Chelsea and the English “Three Lions” team.

Mauro Icardi passed, then married Maxi Lopez’s wife

The starburst was

Icardi (right) marries Lopez’s ex-wife (middle)

Along with the excellent football striker of Argentina, Mauro Icardi is very close with Maxi Lopez. The two consider each other “siblings”, but they see each other as enemies after Icardi falls in love with Lopez’s wife Wanda Nara.

After the love affair between his ex-wife and best friend Icardi “broke”, Lopez wrote a divorce petition. Since 2014, Wanda and her three children left the Maxi Lopez family to live with Icardi.

Thibaut Courtois gave Kevin De Bruyne a “pain”

Courtois (goalkeeper) and Kevin De Bruyne (midfielder) were best friends while wearing the Belgian youth shirt. When Caroline Lijnen, De Bruyne’s girlfriend to Spain, the midfielder immediately assigned Courtois to “guard” and took his girlfriend to visit everywhere.

The starburst is

Courtois used to scratch Bruyne’s old friend’s stamp (right)

With a talent for flirting, Courtois immediately conquered Bruyne’s girlfriend, both of them “fault” with the talented midfielder currently playing for Man City. When this broke out, the two best friends fell from each other.

Tiger Woods and the beautiful Lindsey Vonn

Talking about emotional betrayal, “Wood Tiger” Woods was mentioned. He has had many love affairs with different beauties. Woods’ biggest scandal came in 2015, the famous love affair between ski beauty Lindsey Vonn, ending after 3 years of salty.

The starburst is

Woods betrays golf beauties, they split up in 2015

The reason many people shiver. Woods relapsed into “sex addiction”. After failing at Farmer’s Insurance Classic 2015, the American golfer contacted a “village girl” to the hotel. The above incident did not pass the “eyes” of the media and that was the reason why Vonn decided to break up with “Wooden Tiger”.

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It's true that Quang Hai was cheated by his girlfriend

Quang Hai chose to be quiet in the midst of turbulence related to the suspicion of the Hanoi midfielder being cheated by his girlfriend …


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