The shock of the martial arts village 2020: Disciple Diep Man is much better than Ly Tieu Long and Chan Tu Dan

Friday, December 25, 2020, 16:06 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) The martial arts audience was surprised when they received the news that “disciple” Ip Man is better than Bruce Lee and Chan Tu Dan.

Bruce is a famous Chinese-American martial arts legend. He is the founder of the Triet Quyen Dao sect, which has a great influence on the development of MMA, the most popular martial art in the current martial arts village. Many viewers consider Bruce as a legend, the best in traditional martial arts.

Du Xuong Hoa (left), after being praised for being more harmful than Bruce Lee (center) and Chan Tu Dan (right), was severely fined.

Not as harmful as Bruce Lee, but junior Chan Tu Dan is also a martial artist from a young age, and through his career as a martial arts actor he has contributed to spreading Chinese martial arts to the world. If Bruce is a real life martial arts legend, Chan Tu Dan is a martial arts legend through movies, they are like “unchanging” values ​​in the hearts of the audience.

In February 2020, the Chinese press caused a stir by giving a more beneficial name than Bruce Lee, Chan Tu Dan. The Sina newspaper wrote: “Even though Du Xuong Hoa only went through 2 matches at 2 official martial arts events, it is better than Bruce Lee, Chan Tu Dan or some other representatives of Wing Chun. Knowing that the aforementioned characters are only praised through stories, or movies, even Bruce has not recorded a single official match.

Master Du Xuonghua, the 3rd “disciple” of Grandmaster Ip Man. The 40-year-old master has participated in many tournaments but has not shown much and often fails. Every battle loses that match, but Xuong Hoa often claps his chest and claims to be “the best”. Even in August 2020, Du Xuong Hoa identified himself as “a wonder of the martial arts world”, he also affirmed that he and his students won many martial arts matches.

This is ridiculous, by the fact that proves the opposite, teachers and students Du Xuong Hoa lost every match. “The water broke the bank”, in early September 2020, the website XW.QQ reported that Du Xuonghua had just been hit by a fatal “knock-out” from the China Anti-counterfeiting Alliance.

The coalition stated: “Eliminate all titles of Yu Xuonghua, removed from the Chinese Martial Arts Association, excluded from the executive committee of Jiangxi Province Wing Chun Association. National-level arbitration list, National inspector of Wing Chun also crossed out the name Du Xuong Hoa “.

With the heavy punishment mentioned above, Du Xuong Hoa is now just an ordinary martial artist. He is no longer known as a martial artist and has no voice with Chinese martial arts.

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