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Architect Tran Huu Tho uses the S600 furniture collection from INAX to ‘turn’ Cam Tu’s 4th grade house into a 5-star bathroom.

In episode 4 of the program “ Dream Bathroom ”, the organizers chose to renovate the common living area of ​​Mrs. Phan Cam Tu (Hanoi) into a separate bathroom space.

In order to renovate the 4-level house into a 5-star standard bathroom, architects Tran Huu Tho and Mrs. Cam Tu visited INAX’s showroom at 46 Bich Cau, Hanoi and selected the latest furniture collection – S600.

Dream bathroom – Episode 4.

S600 is the newest collection of INAX – the brand specializing in bathroom equipment of LIXIL Japan company. The products in this collection have a modern, luxurious design with a squared square, a stretch surface that helps reflect light better …

Toilet bowl AC-1052VN

One-piece toilet AC-1052VN uses Aqua Ceramic technology to prevent dirt. Overview of the device has a smooth design, rimless rim makes it easy for users to clean, does not cause water splashes, ensuring the space is always clean and comfortable.

In addition, the AC-1052VN toilet bowl also has the most advanced vortex flushing technology available today, including: The first door creates a powerful vortex to wipe out the gourd, the second door pushes the support to completely wash away stains, Minimize noise for a relaxing experience to use.

Toilets belong to the S600 collection.

Toilets belong to the S600 collection.

In particular, attached to the toilet is the washing lid CW-KA22AVN. The device integrates nearly 10 features including remote control panel, 2 nozzles (common and separate washers for women), 6 levels of water temperature adjustment, seat, deodorizing, nozzle position adjustment , …

Sink AL-652VFC

The AL-652VFC washbasin has an elegant design and the porcelain exhaust cover is replaced with regular stainless steel, giving it a more elegant feel. In addition to the smooth surface design, this device is also manufactured using Cerafine technology, which makes the rim thinner but still durable and brings a delicate beauty.

For this type of pot, the designer has chosen the LFV-652S pot hose with 3 layers of chromium and nickel plating. The device with hole in the handle makes it easier for users to adjust, at the same time, applying advanced technology to help smooth operation, reduce the force when using, bring a comfortable, new experience. In addition, this device also features aeration and creating soft water jets.


LFV-652S pot hose with hole in the handle makes it easier for users to adjust.

BFV-655T shower plant

BFV-655T lotus body integrates many features and utilities to maximize the user experience. In particular, the mixer body has a utility tray and water restriction with a large surface, which can be used as a place to store items during use. The device includes visual icons that are easily recognizable. At the same time, the device’s rotation and pressing are also done gently.
In addition, the large size ceiling lotus with 2 normal rain modes and Cascade pattern waterfall offers a more refreshing bathing experience. BFV-655T shower plant also integrates both hand shower to serve diverse needs of homeowners.

Especially, with the world’s leading WAX technology, INAX’s equipment ensures the mixing temperature reaches standard 38 degrees C in 0.3 seconds, stable temperature during the shower. The highest temperature is 47 degrees Celsius, does not cause burns, is safe for users, especially the elderly and young children.

Brick INAX-255 / PPC

With a common living space for a family of 3 generations, architect Tran Huu Tho chose INAX-255 / PPC bricks with neutral, light, natural colors, including 5 colors of five elements. luxury living. These elements are also easily combined with a luxurious, sophisticated interior
This type of tile is inspired by the Japanese wabi sabi design style, bringing a tranquil and relaxing experience to the user after a long stressful day.
In addition, with a vivid surface, users can change many different angles to perceive the space according to the reflected light.

Show, program Dream bathroom aired 4 out of 6 episodes with many readers from Hanoi and Hai Phong. The last two episodes of the show are scheduled to air in December. Readers follow the program here.

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Desiring to improve the quality of life, equipping knowledge to renovate “third space” for the home, online newspaperVnExpress accompanying INAX – bathroom equipment brand of LIXIL Japan, organized the column “Bathroom of dreams”.

Joining the program, you have the opportunity to get a free bathroom remodel, totaling up to 100 million VND including construction, disassembly, design, equipment costs … The program takes place from the 15th. / 6 to 30/11. Each month, based on the criteria of authenticity, meaning, emotion, necessity … the organizers will choose a family to renovate the bathroom.


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