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Here are a few tips to help you choose good seafood.

fresh seafood

Shrimp: Shrimp is fresh, the shell is hard, tough and smooth, the shrimp is green and does not turn red. Rotten shrimp color is not shiny, has a bad smell, the head is detached and the shrimp’s claws are easy to fall off.

Clam: Choose a live one (the cockle opens its mouth and closes when touched).

Snails: Should choose a snail that is still alive (use your hand to gently touch the snail’s scale, the snail will close). If the snail is fat, the scales will be near the outside of the shell, on the contrary, if the snail is dead or sick, the scale will go deep into the shell (there will be a bad smell).

Fish: To choose fresh, delicious fish can be based on the convex and transparent ankles, elastic corneas. The gills of the fish are fresh, red-pink, tightly adhered to star fruit, no viscous, no odor, no discomfort. Fresh fish scales, iridescent, tightly attached to the fish body, no mucus, no unpleasant odors, the fish mouth is closed. Fresh fish meat is firm and elastic, leaving no finger marks on the fish flesh.

Selection of dried seafood

Dried octopus: On the market, two types of ink are commonly encountered, namely long ink and oval ink. Dried squid is delicious, its whole body is firm, shiny clean, thick meat, bright pink color. Lesser quality varieties often have dark red spots on the body and back, with light red spots on both sides.

Dried abalone: The delicious type must be whole, dry, firm, pale yellow or pink, almost transparent and with a slight aroma.

Dried shrimp: The delicious type has uniform size, dark pink color, luster, light taste, dry body.

Dried scallops: Made from fresh scallops such as scallops, scallops, blood cockles… after being boiled, the shells are washed and dried. The delicious type has a yellowish color, the surface has small white seeds, the seeds are not crushed, no impurities, the flesh is firm, thick, stretchy, has a characteristic aroma, light taste.

Dried oysters: There are usually two types, raw and cooked. Good oyster meat must be firm, not crumbly, outside without sand and shells, yellow. If the body is small and thin, with a slight red and black color, it is a poor quality type.

Processing seafood properly

After buying seafood such as shrimp, squid, if not processed immediately, it should be stored in the coldest compartment in the refrigerator. You can keep them 1-2 days. Particularly for snails, scallops, and clams, they should not be put in a nylon bag, tied tightly with their mouth because they also need to breathe. Ideally, this seafood should be kept in a clean cloth bag, sprinkled with water for moisture, do not need to be kept in the refrigerator. Before processing, should remove dead fish, wash seafood under clean running water.

When defrosting, keep seafood in the refrigerator overnight. If you need them quickly, you can put them under cold running water or put them in the microwave. Seafood should not be defrosted by soaking in warm water or leaving it out at room temperature to avoid bacterial contamination. Frozen seafood takes a long time to thaw to ensure its flavor and nutrition.


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