The secret to a good night’s sleep on ‘red light’

Some simple notes such as limiting the use of electronic devices, eliminating anxiety, choosing the right tampons … help women comfortably sleep all night.

The whole day of study and work, the body is sluggish and aching, so at night, women just want to put themselves in bed to sleep a good night until morning. But on “that day”, worries and unpleasant feelings made it difficult for many people to take a nap. The following suggestions will help you fall asleep easier and avoid overflowing on “red light” days.

Get rid of worry

It’s not like going to bed early will make it easier for you to fall asleep. If you lie in bed and your mind is wandering around with thoughts and worries, it will be easy to stay awake all night. You should put aside all thoughts before going to sleep, turn off all contact with the outside world because the “red light” day is also when you are more sensitive to the effects from outside.

Anxiety makes it difficult for women to have a good night’s sleep, especially on “hard to stay” days. Image: freepik.

Limit your use of electronic devices

The blue light of electronic devices can inhibit the production of melatonin – a hormone that helps you fall asleep faster. Women should limit watching phones, television, or too much exposure to the computer screen before going to bed.

Furthermore, the use of these devices in the dark also has a negative effect on the eyes. Turning off electronic devices is one of the simple ways to help women sleep better on the “hardest” days.

You should limit the use of electronic devices in the dark, before going to bed.  Photo: freepik.

You should limit the use of electronic devices in the dark, before going to bed. Image: freepik.

Comfortable sleeping space

A well-ventilated room, moderate temperature are also favorable conditions for a deep sleep. You should also choose soft pillows and mattresses that create a comfortable feeling. Choose a nightlight with a soothing light that makes you feel comfortable, making it easier to take a nap.

Few essential oils also contribute to alleviate anxiety, sedate, improve sleep quality. A gentle song for the spirit of comfort when “coming month” is also very suitable for girls.

Comfortable space, pillow and mattress create

The right light, soft mattress pillows give you a better night’s sleep. Image: freepik.

Be gentle

Light exercise, sports exercise bring many health benefits, especially sleep. Rest, relaxation, and mental comfort are the benefits when you practice this habit before bed.

Not only that, some gentle exercises these days also bring many unexpected benefits to your health such as reducing unpleasant symptoms such as back pain, abdominal pain, cramps, headaches and muscle discomfort. diaphragm … especially keeping the body warm, bringing the body temperature to a stable level and helping you to pass the red light more gently. Movement also significantly improved the mood “unpleasant indulgence” of women due to the impact of premenstrual symptoms.

Women can breathe gently, meditate, practice yoga exercises … Depending on how much or little you have, you can move for 10-15 minutes, 30 minutes or more. As for the fear of “overflowing” because of movement, the simple way is to choose a tampon with good absorbency and softness, closely following body movements. Thanks to that, women can comfortably exercise.

Do not try to lie in the correct position

In every good night, “red light” is a dream of many girls. However, there are many incorrect thoughts about sleep these days, making you feel anxious and unable to rest assured sleep. Some of you think lying in the right position will prevent “water overflowing the dike”. However, this is not the best solution because when your body is tired, restless, fixing a posture can make you uncomfortable.

Ms. Lan Thanh (24 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) shared, she was afraid of insomnia during the red light days, so she had to go to bed an hour earlier to wake up in the middle to make up a little sleep. But she could not sleep forever. I always just dared to lie in a posture, did not dare to move, so I got up constantly, then looked ahead and looked after to see if there was “overflow”.

Many girls often wear tight-fitting clothes in the hope that their “treasure” will not be deflected and fixed a posture. However, this will make you feel more uncomfortable and the sensitive area will make it harder to take a nap.

Many women only dare to fix a few positions because they worry about overflowing on the red light day.  Illustration.

Many women only dare to fix a few positions because they worry about overflowing on the “red light” day. Image: freepik.

Use absorbent tampons

The absorbent sanitary napkin will be “salvation” for girls on “red light” day. On long nights, you can choose a napkin to absorb more. Designing tampons for these “sensitive” days needs to follow the criteria of ensuring absorbency for long sleep, gentle comfort and the ability to fit in the body so that the girlfriend can easily change positions.

Laurier Safety Night sanitary napkins help many women sleep better in the most difficult days. Laurier Safety Night has many lengths of 30 cm, 35 cm and 40 cm, Design Flexi Fit with 3D core structure that fits snugly body, Block Core absorbent core technology not only permeates more than 1.4 times but also permeates fast. Helping the skin contact surface is always dry, not only that, the soft cotton surface material for sensitive skin.

Implementing the above simple suggestions, together with the powerful assistant Laurier Safety Night when “coming month”, women can reduce unnecessary worries, sleep well all night and wake up energetically.

Ngoc An

The secret to good night's sleep on red light - 6

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