The secret of using the 6m2 kitchen of a Saigon woman

The kitchen of Ms. Vuong Ngoc Tran, 31 years old, in Tan Binh district is only 6m2 wide, but thanks to the layout and arrangement, it is very comfortable for users.

Ms. Tran said that when she received the house, the kitchen was built crudely of concrete. After that, she gradually adjusted to her liking. The functional areas of the kitchen are divided including a cooking area with a dishwasher, a dining table area, a storage area, a drawer for a dishwasher…

Ngoc Tran’s kitchen is less than 6m2.

“Except for the kitchen cabinets, which are made-to-order, the dining tables are ready-made, most of the rest is made by myself to save money and relax during the days at home to avoid the epidemic,” Tran said.

Here are her secrets in arranging and using a 5.9m2 kitchen that is not fussy but still clean and tidy.

Choose bright colors

Many housewives are afraid to decorate the kitchen in bright colors, because it is easy to get dirty. However, Ms. Tran believes that with a narrow space, light colors will create a more comfortable and spacious feeling.

“Anything that is white is what I buy, or else I use industrial paint to repaint it myself,” she said. From the refrigerator to the spice boxes, Ms. Tran painted and “transformed” the kitchen space to make it more airy.

The appliances in the kitchen are all in light tones.

The kitchen appliances are all in bright colors.

In addition, Ms. Tran chooses a light-colored insulated wallpaper to “ton sur ton” with objects. “Instead of tiles, I order wallpaper online, which is both economical and easy to clean.” Tran also knits a doormat in the shape of an omelet with bright colors as a highlight for the kitchen.

Hide everything

The cooking area usually has a lot of furniture and tools. In conditions of limited use area, Ms. Tran thinks that it is necessary to hide all things in the drawers, making use of the space below the washing area.

Unlike other spacious kitchens that often have many wall-mounted cabinets, Tran’s kitchen has only one upper drawer in the corner for the dishwasher. Even so, the woman still managed to arrange all the things in the drawers. Inside the drawer, Ms. Tran also put boxes and trays to classify objects for easy searching.

Ms. Tran also buys furniture from the point of view of “sufficient use”, without needing too many redundant items.

Install more shelves and baskets

The secret of a neat and beautiful 6 m2 kitchen of a housewife in Saigon - 2

The shelves, baskets for bottles, cutting boards are neatly arranged, easy to find.

Because of her talent for tinkering with handmade items, Ms. Tran builds shelves and pallets by herself and then repaints them to her liking. The shelves are divided into several layers, containing spice boxes with beautiful small designs. According to her, the trays, baskets, and hangers make the kitchen function convenient, easy to find when needed, and can store dry items and cooking utensils neatly.

Take care of cleaning

The cooking process inevitably splashes grease on the wall. “When I cook, I clean up there. If I cook something that is too greasy, I use cardboard to prevent it from getting dirty. In general, I consider cleaning as a step to complete the meal,” Tran said. . The kitchen surface is made of artificial stone, so it is not allowed to keep hot food, so Tran is also very attentive to the “keeping” clause for the kitchen space to always look like new.

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