The secret of delicious tender beef

Stir-frying beef seems simple, but if not skillful, the beef is easy to be tough, dry and dark, reducing the quality of the dish.

1. Choose fresh beef

This is the key to making the dish delicious. Fresh beef has identification signs such as bright colors, bright red, elastic when pressed, no bad smell. If you want to eat soft, you should choose the fillet and tenderloin. If you like to eat a little crispy, you should choose the beef part.

2. Horizontal Thai

Depending on the dish, there is a suitable way to cut beef in terms of thickness, but the mandatory requirement is to cut across the grain. Because if you cut along the grain, it will make the dish tough. Most stir-fried dishes are thinly sliced, while beef with black pepper sauce is sliced ​​a little thicker and then used with a hammer to soften.

3. Marinated

The secret of delicious tender beef stir-fry - 1

Beef with red meat in general should not be salted because the rule of “salt separates sugar” in cuisine will make the meat water and when stir-fried it becomes tough. To make the stir-fry more delicious, marinate the beef with a little ginger, garlic to deodorize, add a little oyster sauce, fish sauce, seasoning seeds with a little tapioca starch, cooking oil to keep the water. So when stir-frying the beef dish will become perfectly soft and delicious.

If you are unfortunate enough to buy an old cow or the part of the beef has tough tendons, use a little pineapple juice (fragrant) to marinate it. Because in pineapple contains enzyme bromelain (protease group) has the ability to break down proteins very strongly. However, it should not be marinated for a long time or much because it makes the meat mushy.

4. Stir-fry

The secret of delicious tender beef - 2

Beef requires stir-frying on high heat, when the beef is just cooked, it is soft and sweet. If you stir-fry beef for too long on low heat, it will cause the beef to secrete water, so it will be dry, tough and dark in color.

With dishes such as beef with black pepper sauce, some chefs also fry it quickly on high heat and then take it out and set it aside for later. If the beef is sautéed with vegetables, you should stir-fry the beef separately first, then stir-fry the vegetables and then pour the stir-fried beef into the island quickly, turn off the heat and scoop out to enjoy hot.

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