The secret of a happy Danish life

Danes are optimistic about difficulties, know how to balance their life with work, focus on productivity … so they are always full of energy and happiness.

The United Nations World Happiness Report 2019 ranks Denmark as the 2nd happiest country in the world, behind only Finland. Before that, Denmark topped this chart in 2013 and 2016. So, what is the formula for that happy lifestyle?


In Northern Europe, the hygge lifestyle (comfortable, comfortable, balanced) has become the feature, while the saying pyt (never mind) is the most popular. Hygge does not have a corresponding word in English, appearing from the 18th century to describe a happy life, satisfied with small and ordinary things around each person.

That positive lifestyle shows up in everyone. From an early age, Danish babies have been infused with the spirit of always being optimistic, moving forward through intimate games.

Danish children are infused with optimism from a young age. Image: Quartz

Danes are willing to refuse things that make themselves feel too stressful, inconsistent with the desired values. Above all, the balance in life, doing the work they love, taking care of their hobbies, helps them to always feel happy.

For example, at work, they value efficiency and quality but also love their free time very much. So the people here are working with high efficiency, not distracted when working. Their total working time is 37 hours, 5 days per week. The companies in Northern Europe also arrange the work flexibly, helping each person to maximize their potential and still have some time for themselves.

Danes love to cycle.

Danes love to cycle. Image: Ecowatch.

Living standards up to quality

Mr. Kim Hojlund Christensen, Ambassador of Denmark to Vietnam, said that not only is the happiest people in the world, Danes also have special pride in products and brands from the country. me. This country has many globally famous products for good quality and environmental friendliness, simple yet sophisticated design with high durability and comfort for users.

For example, Bang & Olufsen is a sound brand founded in 1925, with every product shipped with a handcrafted design, vibrant sound. Or a toy company with nearly 90 years old – Lego. Equally famous is JYSK – furniture retail chain with more than 2,500 stores in 50 countries worldwide, Danisa butter biscuits, outdoor furniture manufacturing company ScanCom, jewelry Trollbeads …

In order to spread a positive and happy lifestyle, bring the opportunity to use quality products like Nordic people, Lazada cooperates with the Embassy of Denmark to launch the website of Danish brands on the trading floor. this e-commerce.

The signing ceremony between Lazada Vietnam and the Embassy of Denmark.  Photo: Lazada.

The signing ceremony between Lazada Vietnam and the Embassy of Denmark. Image: Lazada.

Mr. James Z. Dong, General Director of Lazada Vietnam emphasized that the biggest problem that online shoppers often face is that there is no guarantee of 100% quality and origin of products. The introduction of the Danish brands page allows consumers in Vietnam to access genuine products from reputable brands and distributors without having to leave home or go to many other stores. to choose from.

From November 19 to November 24, the week “Live happily like a Danish” was launched on Lazada with discounts up to 50%, thousands of discount codes and free shipping, and gifts Exclusively from 7 brands: Bang & Olufsen, Danisa, JYSK, Lego, ScanCom, Royal Copenhagen, Trollbeads.

Customers can easily find genuine Danish products by searching “Denmark” or “Denmark” on the website or Lazada app. See more here.


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