The secret martial arts of Bruce Lee’s authority

Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 10:04 AM (GMT + 7)

On the 80th anniversary of the birth of martial arts legend Bruce, let’s take a look at his most proud career legacy.

Referring to Bruce Lee, people often remember the action films in which he starred. But with the martial arts community, the Tiet Quyen martial (also known as Triet Quyen) that the master of the Ly family created is truly a legacy for life.

Jeet Kune Do (Jeet Kune Do) means “blocking the right way” of the enemy is a fighting style developed by legendary Bruce Lee in 1967 in Los Angeles, USA.

The thousand-year-old traditional Chinese martial arts have many sects such as Hong Gia Quy, Wing Chun or Tai Chi. But in order to understand the Jealousy, we should not first consider it a martial art, but rather a philosophy of martial arts. In fact, Bruce developed the Jihadism because he wanted to break the rigid combat rules.

Traditional Chinese martial arts are often too reliant on stereotypical moves. For his part, Bruce cannot accept that the techniques are more important than the martial arts learners themselves. People are living beings, the number of martial arts is dead, yet many people who have learned martial arts since the beginning have taken the skill as weight and abandoned their natural reason, attached to the moves and principles. rigid.

“The genocide prefers the informality so that it can be exercised in any form. Jailism also has no moves, so it is suitable for all sects. Therefore, Kiet Kiet is not bound by any set of moves, using all techniques and methods to serve it, ”wrote Bruce Lee in his book about Kiet Kiet.

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Legendary martial arts Bruce Lee

The legend of the Ly family believes that the Kiet Kiet practitioner needs to constantly adjust combat techniques to suit the needs of each moment in combat. Do not restrict yourself to any stereotype that “Be water” – Bruce’s famous martial arts philosophy.

“Let your mind be empty, invisible as water. You pour water into a glass, it takes the form of a cup. You put water in a bottle, the water becomes a bottle. You pour it into a teapot, it becomes a teapot. Water can flow and it can destroy ”

Bruce developed Jantuan Kung Fu in Los Angeles around 1967. The movie “Green Hornets” starring Li’s surname was canceled so he had to open a martial arts class “Zhen Phien Kungfu” (real name Bruce Lee Long is Ly Chan Phien) to make a living.

According to the book Bruce Lee: A Life by Matthew Polly, Bruce has encouraged a group of friends from the Ed Parker martial arts school to practice with him. The aim of the martial arts legend is to find an opponent to test the Jain. “Tieu Long wants to train students good enough to be able to fight him,” Polly wrote.

Bruce Lee’s Jubilee is different from traditional martial arts in that it adopts the quintessence of martial arts in both the East and the West. The first foundation of the Jihadism was Wing Chun, a martial art that Bruce studied in Hong Kong from master Diep Man.

Wing Chun is prone to the rule of law, using quick punches at close range. This fighting style is suitable for Bruce Lee’s small, flexible body. The Jihadist practitioners in battle will try to block the opponent’s attack before the punch comes and Wing Chun will make it easier for them to do so.

“Even when my father created the Tiet Quyen, he always practiced the basic Wing Chun technique of” chi sao “(stick hands). This exercise cultivates the ability to react as fast as lightning as well as practice how to read the opponent’s thoughts, ”Bruce’s daughter wrote in a book about her father.

Bruce also distilled the essence of the traditional Filipino martial arts and Japanese Jūjutsu into the Jubilee Way.

Born in his life, Bruce was a huge fan of boxing champion Muhammad Ali and often wondered if he could beat the American legend.

They also refer to the boxing technique of boxing to include the Jubilee. In the fight scenes on the film, Bruce always moves his legs relentlessly like a boxer.

“He emphasizes leg movements a lot. He always wanted us to move more, ”said an old student of Bruce Lee.

Another fighting sport that has also played an important role in the development of Kiet Kiet is sword fighting.

Bruce looks at his foot movements, the range of his approach and the moment of blocking the sword, then attacks back. He wants each attack to be able to both attack and defend or both defend and attack.

Although the Jihadism was born for combat, to Bruce Lee, it is also of philosophical value.

“Destruction of authority has enlightening value. It is a way of life towards strength and will control “, Bruce writes.

The thought in Jodo Shinshu is truly ahead of its time. Many people still consider Bruce as the first foundation for the mixed martial arts (MMA) – no matter what martial arts, just defeat the opponent.


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