The scandal of getting kicked out is more pressing than Djokovic, angry because the boy picked up the tennis ball

Thursday, September 16, 2021 16:12 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, tennis news) The boy threw the ball into a dangerous place, the male tennis player could not keep his composure, so he was disqualified.

Video of the situation that caused the 30-year-old tennis player to be kicked out:

In the 4th round of the US Open 2020, Novak Djokovic was disqualified after hitting the ball at the referee, and recently a similar situation happened.

The scandal of being kicked out is more pressing than Djokovic, angry because the boy picked up the tennis ball - 1

The player was kicked out when game 2, set 1 wasn’t over yet

In the Cary 2 tournament of the ATP Challenger system taking place in the US, 30-year-old tennis player Tennys Sandgren was disqualified while competing against compatriot Christopher Eubanks (199 world).

This player was sent off for an unclear situation. According to the world number 103 player, because the boy put the ball in a “dangerous place”, he angrily hit the ball away, unfortunately hitting the referee.

The above image was recorded by the camera, the referee, after discovering the incident, went to ask the referee for the rope and issued a decision to disqualify the 30-year-old tennis player.

Sandgren explained that the ball only went into the referee’s feet, which was not dangerous, but the referee did not change his mind.

“Tonight I was attacked by a ball boy, I got angry and hit the ball hard against the wall and accidentally hit the rope referee. My evening went like that, how about you?”, The American tennis player confided on Twitter after the disappointing evening.

Immediately after Sandgen was sent off, the ball boy went to the place to “apologise” to him, but it also changed nothing. “I don’t blame anyone, it’s entirely my fault,” Sandgren added.

The above scandal is similar to the situation where Novak was sent off at the US Open 2020, many viewers also considered this penalty to be more severe because the rope referee did not have any injuries, he was only lightly passed by the ball. Many people also claim that Sandgren is “false” because the error originates from the boy who picked up the ball.


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