The sad end of the world champion dagger woman

RussiaAlthough she won the national championship three times, one time won the world of dagger, but at the end of her life, Ms. Galina Chuvina still had to live on her pension, in an old house.

In 2007, Ms. Galina of Sasovo, Ryazan, then 56 years old, retired and took a part-time job distributing coats at the local swimming pool. One day, overheard two young men coming to the pool talking about plans to open a knife-free club in the city, she asked: “Can I sign up to join?”. The two were surprised, but did not refuse.

After a month and a half of taking part in the training course at the center. Once in her hometown, she held a knife-free contest with about 50 participants, including special forces soldiers, professional non-knife dancers and amateurs. Ms. Galina enrolled and shocked the audience when she became the champion.

Many praised, but also others thought “she simply got lucky”. Galina was silent, silently signing up for the 2007 nationwide non-knife championship, in Moscow. This time she continued to defeat all opponents. The champion’s prize that year was a cell phone and an air mattress. The award motivated her to participate in more competitions.

Retired woman, but Ms. Galina has won the three-time world championship in dagger. Image: Alexey OVCHINNIKOV.

In 2008, Galina competed in the world knife-free championship in Kaliningrad, with 36 of the best dagger in the world. She is the oldest to participate in the contest but has won the 1st place.

In 2013, Galina Chuvina won the European championship of knife and ax. Starting her career in retirement, but she also won three more national championships, 50 medals and trophies.

During her heyday, Galina Chuvina was sought after by the press. She gave interviews and appeared on many television programs, many people wanted to sign. However, never before has the elderly female athlete received significant support from anyone, including the government.

Galina's old age in solitude despite her many achievements.  Photo: Odditycentral.

Galina lived a lonely old age. Image: Odditycentral.

“I still go to the game with the help of my friends. Sometimes my nephew gives me some money. I sleep from my friend’s house and recharge with potatoes from my garden,” she said. Once she was invited to Ryazan to train dagger for an organization, but they did not pay. “It’s inconvenient for me to ask,” she said.

Old age approached, Galina no longer healthy enough to go far and did not have the money to pay for herself, so she stopped participating in competitions. The woman withdrew to her hometown of Sasovo.

Although she received many people asking them to teach their children the subject of non-knife skills, she refused. Currently, at the age of 68, Galina lives in an old house, thanks to a monthly allowance of 17,000 rubles (about 5 million dong) and the sale of self-grown vegetables.

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