“The RSA for under 25s means removing the rights of young people”

The Senate examines, this Wednesday, January 20, a socialist bill opening access to the RSA for young people aged 18 to 25 years. A false good idea, according to the economist David Cayla, teacher-researcher at the University of Angers, member of the board of directors of Économistes atterrés and in particular author of “Populism and neoliberalism” (ed. De Boeck). Interview.

Yes, we can eradicate poverty!

You are not a supporter of the opening of the Active Solidarity Income (RSA) to those under 25 … however, you do not deny that young people are weakened by the health crisis and must be helped?

Of course we have to help young people who are living in a catastrophic situation! There are no more jobs, no more internships. Distance education is very badly experienced by students who undergo degraded support and who experience very badly the lack of social relations with their classmates and teachers. It is also young people who are the main victims of the disappearance of fixed-term contracts, odd jobs and temporary employment.


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