The regulated gas tariff will increase by almost 10% in July

The regulated sales tariff (TRV) for natural gas sold by Engie will increase sharply, by nearly 10%, at 1er July, mainly because of the rise in world prices, the regulator announced on Friday, June 25. In France, “99% of the gas consumed is imported” recalls Engie.

Will the “little green gestures” be enough to avoid disaster?

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) explains, in a press release, that:

“Engie’s TRV increased by 9.96% before tax on 1er July 2021. This sharp increase is mainly due (for 7.8%) to the rise in gas prices on the world market linked to the economic recovery. “

Several factors involved

“Gas prices on the world market increase very sharply in July”, she explains, highlighting a series of factors: economic recovery, low levels of gas stocks, maintenance operations in the North Sea, increase in gas consumption for electricity production, etc.

Huge gas fields, this is the heart of the tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

The other important factor is the rising cost of Energy Saving Certificates (EEC), a device that obliges gas or electricity suppliers to finance energy savings.

A rise after a period of decline

The government recently revised upwards the energy saving targets set within the framework of these measures for the period 2022-2025, as well as the share intended for the most vulnerable.

The sharp rise in regulated prices announced for July, however, follows a period of decline during the crisis. In the end, they only increased by 1.1% since the 1er January 2019, indicates CRE.

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