The recipe for 9x Saigon’s crispy crust and spongy bread

With the concept of “where is the wrong place to fix that”, after 10 times of experimentation, Bui Bui (HCMC) has successfully made many delicious and crispy bread samples.

As a lover of cooking, Dusty – an office worker in Ho Chi Minh City – often goes to the kitchen to make a lot of delicious cakes, including bread that is loved by friends. He said, to make bread samples with crispy crust, spongy core depends not only on the recipe, but also on the skill and ingenuity of each person.

Recently, 9x Saigon boldly shared the recipe for making bread on its personal page. The very meticulous instructions and many interesting things behind his loaf of bread have received attention and love from friends.

Freshly baked, crispy and delicious breads.


– Wheat flour No. 13, yeast, sugar, salt, cooking oil, vitamin C effervescent tablets. The ratio of flour and water is 1: 0.6, which means that every 100 grams of flour is 60 grams of water. Today’s batch will be 300 grams of flour for everyone to imagine.

Bread ingredients and utensils.

Bread ingredients and utensils.


– The best is to incubate the flour first, the flour helps the yeast and the flour to form the characteristic delicious flavor of bread. My brewing rate is 1:1, take 100 grams of flour, 4 grams of yeast, and 100 grams of cold water. Mix everything together in a deep bowl, then cover with cling film and leave overnight in a cool place.

If you’re excited to do it and haven’t had time to ferment the female yeast for 1 night, you can use 15 ml of honey mixed into the batch of flour, honey activates the yeast to work well and have a better taste. Incubate for 2 hours, the batch of dough will expand 3-4 times, floating bamboo roots are very delicious.

– After the master batch is ready, proceed to make the dough. Take the bowl and pour the remaining 200 grams of flour (100 grams of flour has been taken as master flour), add 2 grams of yeast (in case the batch of yeast fails, the yeast dies, there is still a little yeast, helping the batch to be saved. ).

Vitamin C is the effervescent form I drink, take 1/4 tablet, puree like a powder and mix it together. Some people replace vitamin C with vinegar or lemon, both of which are acidic, making the dough rise and spongy. But lemon and vinegar both tried it and felt that the batch of bread was dry, the taste was not as good as vitamin C.

The kneading process is also very important.

The kneading process is also very important.

– Next, take a glass and pour 80 ml of very cold water (keep a bottle of filtered water in the freezer compartment in the refrigerator so that you can take it out when you need it, cold water helps the dough not get hot when kneading, especially with The machine will make the dough hot, the yeast will activate the dough unevenly, sometimes the yeast will die). Weigh 15 grams of sugar, 3 grams of salt, pour into a glass and stir until dissolved. If someone likes this song, it’s also delicious to break into a chicken egg until it melts.

– Pour the mixture of cold water, salt and sugar into the flour, mix well with the main batch of flour. Then knead well. This section feels like buying a dough mixer, because hand stuffing is never as good as machine stuffing. Kneading the machine for 15 minutes will help the batch of dough smooth, pull the curtain. Those who knead by hand, work hard to knead continuously for 15 minutes until the dough is really smooth. At first, the dough is a bit sticky to your hands, pasty but don’t worry, slowly the powder absorbs all the water. After sitting, let the dough rest for 10 minutes and then shape.

Bread dough is ready.

Bread dough is ready.

Regarding shaping, there are many ways, after kneading for 1 hour, then shaping and then brewing, but I see that the kneading is done, then brewed once and then baked for good health. To shape the cake, definitely do not use flour, the flour will make the dough dry, baking will not be delicious. But to avoid sticking to the hand must use cooking oil. Apply cooking oil on your hands and then apply it to the wooden surface to roll. Roll very thin, roll like a tet cake. The thinner the cake, the more spongy and delicious the cake will be.

– When finished shaping, put it on the baking tray, avoid moving too much, the cake will collapse. After shaping, put it in the oven (don’t turn on the oven) just a damp, dark place for the dough to rise.

Shape the loaf of bread.

Shape the loaf of bread.

After 1 hour, the dough will expand 3 times. At this time, take out the dough tray and leave it in an airtight place. Turn on the oven to 250 degrees, under the oven put 1 tray of boiling water. This step is extremely important. The decision on whether the batch is delicious is because the oven is hot enough and the oven must be moist. You should watch so that the tray of water under the oven boils rapidly, for another 10 minutes, the oven is hot enough.

When the oven is hot enough, take the cake out, pull it gently with a sharp blade, remember to pull, not press down, because it will deflate the cake. After pulling, use a spray bottle to wet the cake, quickly put it in the oven. From now on, do not open the oven, do not affect the temperature in the oven.

– When the cake is finished, you will see the tray of water continues to boil, the cake begins to stretch and bloom beautifully. After watching for 10 minutes, open the oven and rotate the cake tray again, if the oven has convection, there is no need, the cake will have an even heat. Take advantage of spraying water again to keep the cake moist. Remember to do it quickly, don’t let the temperature in the oven drop.

– After 10 minutes, the cake is cooked, take it out and you will hear the crackling sound due to the crispy crust. Those who like buttery cakes should use a brush to brush the butter on when they just take it out of the oven, the butter will melt when it heats up and soak into the cake very quickly.

Watch the time carefully while placing the bread in the oven.

Watch the time carefully while placing the bread in the oven.

Newly-baked bread samples of Dusty Dust have beautiful colors, crispy outside, spongy inside, appreciated by many friends for their talents.

Fragrant crispy shell, spongy intestine depends not only on the recipe, but also on skill and ingenuity.

Fragrant crispy shell, spongy intestine depends not only on the recipe, but also on skill and ingenuity.

“Make bread with very cheap ingredients, so don’t be afraid, do it again if you’re wrong, fix it in the wrong place. I’ve done it more than 10 times to get my standard recipe, good luck to everyone”, Dust Dust shared.

Thu Ky

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