The reason why smart wardrobes are chosen by designers

Cong Tri, Le Thanh Hoa use Samsung Bespoke AirDresser to clean clothes without affecting the shape, fabric, omitting manual operations.

Samsung Bespoke AirDresser is a smart technology device that helps take care of the collections displayed in the showroom and designs on the catwalk. The device carries a five-step steaming cycle including: cleaning dirt with multi-dimensional air blowing technology, without applying force to cause loss of clothing shape; High-temperature steam sterilization helps to disinfect clothes; gently soften the fabric, effectively reducing wrinkles without changing the texture of the material; comprehensive deodorization thanks to the filter using UV LED. Finally, the gentle drying ability, combined with the AI ​​drying mode that can customize the time and temperature according to the humidity of each outfit, helps protect delicate, heat-sensitive materials such as linen and silk. silkworm…

In the new version of the 5-hook cabinet, the company also equips a separate long storage compartment, which is convenient for taking care of long clothes such as dresses and trousers. The spacious storage capacity can steam and dry 10 clothes at the same time, saving time for clothes care. “This is also a distinct highlight of Bespoke AirDresser, demonstrating the attention to detail to enhance the user experience,” the company representative said.

Cong Tri uses Bespoke AirDresser to take care of the designs. Image: Samsung

Designer Cong Tri highly appreciates Bespoke AirDresser’s air-blowing hook technology, which cleans dust both inside and outside of clothes without affecting the appearance of the outfit. This technology is more optimized than the hanger shaking mechanism to shake off dust, without losing form and dropping decorative attachments.

As for designer Le Thanh Hoa, Bespoke AirDresser supports preserving the original beauty of the outfit. The multi-dimensional air blowing system and steaming mechanism will gently clean clothes, reduce wrinkles while preserving fabric, shape, and color. As a result, the machine helps preserve delicate hand-crafted attachments and takes care of “difficult” light and thin fabrics – the typical material in Le Thanh Hoa’s collections.

Another point that he likes is the design of a separate hanging compartment, convenient to take care of the evening or wedding dress collections, ensuring that the design reaches the customer’s hands in the most perfect state.

Le Thanh Hoa's costumes require rigorous care.  Photo: Samsung

Le Thanh Hoa’s costumes require rigorous care. Image: Samsung

High fashion must also be special in scent. According to Cong Tri, in addition to contemplating the visual beauty, the scent helps the wearer feel more clearly the spirit of the outfit. Designers can use perfume or scented paper to perfume their outfits with the Fresh Finish scented paper tray of Samsung cabinets. The scent will spread during the steaming process, better resisting the musty smell.

Aesthetics is also the point that engineers focus on perfecting. Designer Cong Tri appreciates that the wardrobe has a modern breath with a luxurious crystal mirror, as a window to admire the surrounding interior space. So he chose Bespoke AirDresser to place in fashion showrooms.

Boutique space of designer Cong Tri.  Photo: Samsung

Boutique space of designer Cong Tri. Image: Samsung

The device also offers a high-class shopping experience when customers’ costumes and accessories can be steamed, dried, and scented on the spot within 20 minutes.

Thanks to meeting the requirements of high-end fashion care, Samsung Bespoke AirDresser is used by designers to increase the quality of collections, placed in showrooms to introduce to users.

Bespoke AirDresser is present at the Valenciani showroom of designer Adrian Anh Tuan.  Photo: Samsung

Bespoke AirDresser is present at the Valenciani showroom of designer Adrian Anh Tuan. Image: Samsung

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