The reason Nadal had to quit the Rotterdam tournament, Medvedev threatened the No. 2 spot

Friday, February 26, 2021 16:03 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, tennis news) After stopping at the 2021 Australian Open quarter-finals, Rafael Nadal suffered a back injury so he could not attend Rotterdam, the ATP 500 tournament is about to take place in the Netherlands.

Via personal Twitter, on Thursday (February 25), Rafael Nadal announced his withdrawal from the Rotterdam Open due to a back injury. In fact, the Spaniard had this injury before the ATP Cup and Australian Open 2021 took place, he played at the Australian Grand Slam and still reached the quarterfinals.

Nadal could not go to the Netherlands to play Rotterdam because of a back injury

“It’s sad that I had to give up on Rotterdam. As most fans know, I ran into some back problems in Australia, starting in Adelaide (ATP Cup) and going on in Melbourne (Australian Open). We have come up with a temporary solution that allows me to play without pain during the second week of the tournament (Australian Open), “Nadal informed of the injury.

The Spanish player continued: “After returning to Spain, I went to see my doctor, they advised against playing in the coming week. I really look forward to going back to Rotterdam and the Netherlands for so long. I do not attend this tournament. I hope to be back in the tournament soon. This is one of the top tennis events in the world.

The Rotterdam Open will take place in the Netherlands from March 1 and will close on March 7. The last time “Gaur” participated in this tournament was in 2009, No. 1 seed Nadal reached the final and lost to Andy Murray. Runner-up position is Nadal’s best achievement in Rotterdam, which was held on a hard, covered pitch.

The reason Nadal had to quit the Rotterdam tournament, Medvedev threatened the number 2 - 3

After the ATP 500 in the Netherlands, it is likely that Nadal will lose second place to Medvedev

Without the participation of the Spanish “Bull”, the world number 3 Russian player, Daniil Medvedev was promoted to seed number 1 at the Rotterdam Open. Without the biggest opponent, the chance for Medvedev to win the championship is higher and it is likely that the Russian player will surpass Nadal for the first time to rise to No. 2 in the world.

On the ATP men’s singles chart, Mevedev is only 115 points behind Nadal, so the Russian player only needs to reach the semi-finals of Rotterdam to take Rafa’s position. Last year Medevedev was also the No. 1 seed, but he was eliminated in the first round, the Rotterdam Open 2020 championship belonged to Gael Monfils.

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