The reason many people choose alkaline ionized water purifiers

The alkaline ionized water purifier series removes harmful impurities, increases the pH in the water, so many consumers choose.

Thanh Xuan is living in a high-class apartment building in Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, nicknamed “technology believer”. The director of a media company said that although she is not too tech-savvy, she is interested in modern devices for life. Therefore, when she first moved house, she bought enough equipment to ensure a fresh living space from air purifiers to dehumidifiers, ozone deodorizers, food decontamination machines to water purifiers.

Just like a water purifier, she changed three models every three years. “When I first came to my new house, I used a 3-core filter. Later, when companies launched alkaline ionized water, I bought it again. Clean is not enough, I want to have access to quality, improved water. maximum health for users”, Ms. Xuan shared.

Panasonic TK-AS66 alkaline ionized water purifier. Image: Panasonic Vietnam

According to nutritionists, alkaline ionized water is created from the fact that alkaline water offers many health benefits, to maintain a blood pH of 7.4. With a pH of 7.5 – 8.5 or 9.5, alkaline ionized water is one of the sources of electrolytes for the body. In addition, alkaline ionized water has the effect of improving gastrointestinal symptoms, this effect has been approved in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act of Japan (PMD Act). Accordingly, drinking about 0.5 to 1 liter of alkaline ionized water per day can alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, and stomach pain.

In the face of concerns about environmental pollution, affecting the quality of clean water sources, as well as worries about the apartment’s water tank not being cleaned regularly, Huy Hung’s family is living in Hoang Mai, Hanoi. also invest in a water purifier right from the time of buying the apartment. “I often have acid reflux, the doctor recommends drinking alkaline ionized water to provide more minerals and H ions, reducing the concentration of stomach acid,” Hung shared. With the alkaline ionized water purifier, he is confident that he can support his daily health through the use of alkaline ionized water when cooking at home, in addition to drinking alkaline ionized water directly.

In addition to adding alkaline ions, many alkaline ionized water purifiers also provide different types of water, suitable for different uses, with different health objects. For example, the Panasonic TK-AS66 alkaline ionized water purifier, provides 7 types of water (from alkaline ionized water to weakly acidic water). In particular, alkaline ionized water from level 1 to level 3 will support the health of people with gastrointestinal diseases. Alkaline ionized water is also suitable for cooking or preparing drinks to enhance the flavor of food for those who love to cook. Water with weak acidity pH 5.5 is gentle on the skin, suitable for daily face washing.

7 types of ionized water created by Panasonic alkaline ionizer TK-AS66.  Graphics: Panasonic

7 types of ionized water created by Panasonic alkaline ionizer TK-AS66. Graphics: Panasonic Vietnam

That is also the reason that both Ms. Xuan’s family and Mr. Hieu’s family have chosen the Panasonic TK-AS66 alkaline ionized water purifier, a product that has attracted a lot of attention from consumers in recent times.

The manufacturer’s representative said that with this product, water is filtered through 4 stages. The filter is made of four types of materials including non-woven fabric, ceramic, activated carbon and hollow fiber membrane, which helps to remove harmful substances and 99.999% of bacteria, according to the results of experiments conducted by Japan Food Research Laboratories in January 2016. Activated carbon filter (APG-05TGA 60/200) manufactured by Kuraray Co., Ltd. tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 by NSF International – the World Health Organization’s (WHO) food and water safety cooperation center. “Products are made in Japan with Panasonic’s rigorous quality control standards, consumers can be assured of the quality of a health device,” he affirmed.

The water after being purified will pass through 5 titanium-plated electrode plates to create alkaline ionized water and acid ions. “Compared to regular filtered water, alkaline ionized water contains a lot of healthy hydroxide (OH-) and hydrogen (H2) ions generated at the negative electrode during electrolysis.”

Filtered water from Panasonic alkaline ionized water purifier TK-AS66 can be drunk directly.  Photo: Panasonic Vietnam

Filtered water from Panasonic alkaline ionized water purifier TK-AS66 can be drunk directly. Image: Panasonic Vietnam

Not only that, the TK-AS66 is also equipped with utilities such as 4-color LCD screen, continuous electrolysis mode, water divider with hot water drain hole, acidic faucet, automatic electrode cleaning mode motion, convenient timer mode when cooking…

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