The racing team ran out of money forcing the beautiful female athlete to take bikini photos

Thursday, December 31, 2020 13:17 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, racing news) Female racing athletes fell into difficult circumstances when the racing team had economic difficulties.

The 31-year-old racer has gone through four years of unemployment when he does not agree to comply with the team’s request. Emma Kimilainen has revealed that her team is in trouble and has a sponsor willing to “open his arms”, however it is “a magazine for men”.

Kimilainen quit race for 4 years because he was asked to “take hot pictures”

The irony in that, the contract is signed or not depends on whether the Finnish female driver has to agree to be a model for the other magazine.

“They told me they had some disagreement with the partner, they wanted my bikini picture and my blank photo. I asked what was going on, until I realized that the partner was trash. I immediately rejected it. Today this proposal is strange, but the world 10 years ago was very different about women’s rights and equality in general, “Kimilainen told Shikaani Formula 1. Podcasts.

Disagreeing with the sensitive offer of her partner, beautiful female athlete Kimilainen also quit racing since 2010. Four years later, the 31-year-old racer returned, she joined the PWR Racing Team for the Car Championship. . She then moved on to the V8 ThunderCars NEZ event, and is currently competing in the W Series for the Hitech Grand Prix team colors. The 31-year-old steering wheel is showing steady performance at the W Series.

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