The pregnant woman gave birth on the night of typhoon Noru’s landfall

Quang NamTwo hours after typhoon Noru made landfall, Ms. Dao Thi Thanh Tam, in Dien Ban town, suddenly went into labor on the night of September 27, even though it was 10 days before her due date.

Because the whole town was cut off electricity, Mr. Nguyen Van Tam (husband) called a taxi everywhere to take his wife to the hospital but were refused.

The couple, Ms. Dao Thi Thanh Tam and Mr. Nguyen Van Tam. Image: Character provided.

There is no other way, Ms. Tam posted on her personal page, announced her situation, asking for help. Around 2:30 a.m. on September 28, her relatives overcame the storm and drove a car to the house to take her to the emergency room. While waiting, Mr. Tam made a stretcher out of a hammock with both ends tied to a piece of bamboo and asked someone to carry his wife to a car 300 meters away from home. The husband took a plastic sheet to cover the rain for his wife, but just out of the door, the wind was strong, the plastic sheet flew away.

After 20 minutes, they arrived at Vinh Duc General Hospital, 4 km from home. After the procedure, an hour later Ms. Tam was taken to the operating table, a baby girl weighing 3 kg was born safely and healthy. The moment he heard the doctor announce that the mother was round and the child was square, the father was in tears because the worries had been emptied.

After a stormy night, this morning, Mr. Tam took the opportunity to drop by the house to see the situation of his 5-year-old daughter, bringing more documents to complete the procedure for the hospital. He also did not forget to post a post on social networks, thanking those who helped the couple in the stormy night.

The whole day was busy, until 14:30 on September 28, this man could have lunch. Although it was still raining, he was happy because the storm was over, mother and daughter’s health was good, and his wife had some milk to feed the baby.

The 32-year-old father plans to name his second daughter, Noru, at home, to commemorate the storm. As for the official name, there will be the word “Bao”, misread as “Bao”.

“The example set is Nguyen Ngoc Bao….something,” he said. The husband thought that after the “three dots” was his wife’s part, because she was very resilient in giving birth on a stormy day.

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