The poor couple gave away more than half of the jackpot

BrotherImmediately after winning the prize, Frances made a list of 50 people she wanted to help, but after that, the number had increased to hundreds.

Frances, 54, and Patrick Connolly, 56, won the £ 114.9 million lottery in 2019. The story of using the lottery money of a poor couple who lived in eastern England was praised by the media. for meaningful life lessons. They celebrate their victory simply with a hug and a cup of tea.

Within a few hours of her victory, Frances found someone who wanted to help with the bounty, including Patrick’s 3 daughters, 3 sisters, 2 brothers and 3 sisters …, 50 in total. .

She was able to prevent her sister from selling and buying her mother’s old house to give to another sister. Frances and his wife also wanted to give money to all their nieces and nephews for their own homes.

When the Frances and his wife announced their victory to their father, the news spread rapidly. “Father told his sister. His sister told her husband and her husband to put the news online. That was how the information explosion scared me,” she said.

Months after winning the lottery, Frances and Patrick received letters from strangers asking for help, including one who wanted a tooth replacement.

They were so generous they could find an indoor scrapbook with 300 thank you cards from people they had never met. “It could be a 14-year-old child and the same 85-year-old old man. They both received tablets to communicate with relatives during a pandemic blockade. The lottery has changed not just the game. my life but also that of others, “said Frances.

The couple also founded two charities: the Kathleen Graham Trust in County Tyrone, where Frances was raised and the PFC Trust in the Hartlepool where they now live, to help the locals.

She and her husband Frances and Patrick. Image: Phillip Magowan.

So far, the couple has given away £ 60 million from their lottery winnings to friends, family and strangers. “We have been given a gift and we want to share our luck with others,” the wife said.

When a pandemic broke out, they spent money to buy medical equipment for hospitals, donate clothes, computers, wifi-connected equipment, .. to the people and medical staff. “My husband said before that I would divide all the money with others if I won the lottery and he was right,” Frances said.

Of course, they also spend a small amount of money on themselves. Two people buy a bungalow, but the real estate agent brings documents about a castle. The second house is showcased as large as a village.

Patrick gave Frances a £ 2,000 Jaguar car, the same model she owned more than a decade earlier. Their daughters still drive the old cars. Frances said she was proud that the children behaved very well even though their parents won the lottery.

Frances is a retired teacher who helps her husband run several plastic factories. Despite winning the lottery, Patrick had no intention of retiring because he was “too young”.

Frances said she has set aside a budget for use over the next year. She even had to check how much gas and electricity she had to pay.

“There is more joy in changing lives than buying jewelry. I have always been aware that I’m not part of the elite,” she said.

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