The player is better than Bruce Lee: Ly Lien Kiet’s arm broke, Ngo Kinh was horrified

Thursday, April 8, 2021 19:16 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) During the fight on set, this master injured Ly Lien Kiet and Ngo Kinh.

Talking about Chinese martial arts actors, Bruce Lee, Chan Tu Dan, Ly Lien Kiet or Jackie Chan are the most famous names, but in terms of their real combat ability, they are still behind compared to Zhou Shilin.

China’s No. 1 martial arts actor, Chu Billion (center), once caused Ly Lien Kiet (left), Ngo Kinh (right) to suffer serious injuries.

In 2016, according to martial arts experts on the Sina website, Chu Biyi and Bruce Lee ranked first and second in the list of martial arts actors with the best combat ability. Third place is Tran Hue Man. Despite being very famous, Chan Tu Dan ranked only 4th, Ly Lien Kiet 5th, Ngo Kinh 6th and Thanh Long ranked 10th.

Zhou Yifei is associated with villains in the film, even playing a cruel, specializing in brutal handing with the weaker. He is not loved by the audience such as Bruce Lee, Chan Tu Dan, Ly Lien Kiet …, but is a master with the greatest ability to fight in martial arts and cinema.

Chu Rat Loi was born on August 24, 1958. He is a Chinese-Canadian, started studying Karatedo at the age of 11, then moved to Muay Thai. Rati Loi just stepped into the movie world after retiring at the age of 48.

He was dubbed “King Kickboxing” with 43 wins over 51 matches, in which 31 times knock-out opponents, especially he never lost by knock-out. At the age of 24, he was the first and only Chinese Kickboxing champion in the WKA lightweight.

In the four years 1984 to 1986, Chu Boi Loi won many times the world heavy Kicboxing championship. Especially in 1985, he won the world champion of free-wrestling. His last Kickboxing match with Akarn Sanehha (Thailand) on November 20, 2007.

In 1985, Chu Boi Loi became deeply engaged in film roles, his first film Easten Condor (1987) directed by Hong Kim Bao. After his debut film, Chu Boi Loi continued to participate in many martial arts films, such as Dragon, Blood Rose, Dragon Ball Pants … Up to now, the original Canadian martial arts legend. China has nearly 100 films in hand.

The Sohu newspaper (China) on March 31 revealed the secret of Zhou Yifei. When filming the movie Tinh Vo Hero (1994), Chu Biet Loi had a 10-minute fight with Ly Lien Kiet. In a few seconds of not being able to control himself, Chu Biet Loi actually hit and broke Ly Lien Kiet’s arm.

Next, in the movie “Chien Lang”, Chu Biet Loi lost his temper, so he kicked Ngo Kinh’s leg, causing this actor to suffer a serious injury.

Since 2007, Zhou Yifei stopped filming, he moved to Canada with his wife and children. At the age of 63, the Kickboxing star is still practicing regularly, so his body still looks not inferior to that of young people.

The player is better than Bruce Lee: Ly Lien Kiet's arm broke, Ngo Kinh was horrified - 3

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The player is better than Bruce Lee: Ly Lien Kiet's arm broke, Ngo Kinh was horrified - 4

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