The pension reform will be “initiated as soon as the sanitary conditions are met”, announces Macron

The pension reform will be “Initiated as soon as sanitary conditions are met”, announced Emmanuel Macron during a speech partly devoted to the health situation of the country on Monday, July 12. “I will not launch this reform as long as the epidemic [de Covid-19] will not be under control and the recovery will be assured ”, declared the head of state.

What are the new places where the health pass will have to be presented?

“To protect current pensions and that of our children, without raising taxes, it is fair and efficient to change our pension system”, said Emmanuel Macron.

The unemployment insurance reform launched on October 1

On the other hand, he announced that the much contested reform of unemployment insurance would be “Fully implemented from October 1”

The summary judge of the Council of State suspended on June 22 the rules for calculating the amount of unemployment benefit which were to come into force on the 1st July. He had estimated that the “Uncertainties about the economic situation” did not allow these rules to be put in place, which are less favorable to employees who have alternated between short contracts and inactivity. The current compensation rules for job seekers had therefore been extended until the end of September.

Why Macron will not back down on his unemployment insurance reform

This entry into force corresponds to a “Simple will”, summed up Emmanuel Macron: “You always have to earn a better living by working than staying at home, which is not always the case today. “

Emmanuel Macron also announced the creation of a “Engagement income” for unemployed or untrained young people, particularly affected by the health crisis, following a “Logic of duties and rights”.

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