The pension reform “not resumed as it is”: why Macron gives up (but keeps the future open)

I do not think that the reform which was initially envisaged can be resumed as it is. “Emmanuel Macron’s statement, this Thursday, June 3, during a trip to Martel in the Lot, is a sort of confession. No, the great reform of the five-year term, the “point retirement”, cannot be adopted before the end of the five-year term. She stays in the fridge. And too bad for the text adopted by the Assembly in February 2020, just before the first confinement, after a long series of strikes and a parliamentary battle which forced the government to resort to article 49.3.

Of course, it is first of all a renunciation for lack of time. The parliamentary calendar no longer allowed the adoption of such an ambitious reform in the few months which separate us from the next presidential election. Most of the majority leaders agreed, on condition of anonymity.

A “worrying” reform

But Emmanuel Macron also takes note of the anxiety-provoking nature of this reform. ” She was […] extremely complex and, as a result, was a source of concern », Declared the head of state. Note the use of the imperfect… Emmanuel Macron hears “ take into account “These” fears “. ” Make [la réforme] now, that would not take into account that there are already many fears and subjects to be taken up “, Also declared the head of state. It is to recognize that the copy was far from perfect. The reform will have to be reviewed and corrected.

Because for the future, nothing is

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