The pain of people far from home on Tet holiday in 2022

Going back home to celebrate Tet, traveling by bus, whether it is infected with Covid-19 or not, riding a motorbike is safe… are the concerns of children far from home during Tet this year.

The way back home to celebrate Tet of the children far from home seems to be more difficult and difficult due to the stressful epidemic situation in many localities, especially the northern provinces. Many worries pile up that could affect this emotional repatriation.

Because the possibility of Covid-19 infection is still there, many people hesitate to choose to take a bus, bus or train. The representative of Mien Dong bus station (HCMC) predicts that the number of tourists returning home to celebrate Tet by bus this year will decrease, only about 59% compared to the same period last year.

People go to work far from Ho Chi Minh City to return to their hometown before the 2022 Lunar New Year. Photo: Vietnamese beer

However, in reality, the number of people wishing to return home has not decreased. After a year of many difficulties and losses, family reunion is probably the biggest desire of children who work far away. Tet 2022 is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their loved ones after many long months of living in social distancing.

Concern about whether to go home to celebrate Tet

After a difficult time of the epidemic, many small families think about not going back to their hometown to reduce costs. Transportation, food and drink on the road are big expenses that make many people worry. Some people think about driving home by motorbike to save money, but they have to consider gas, food along the way, accommodation costs… After a difficult year, cutting unnecessary expenses is the way to go. Many families choose to celebrate Tet this year.

The Omicron variant began to spread around the world. Some families are afraid of epidemiological safety, fear of spreading the disease if they have to travel for a long time or “bring” the disease home to their family members. In addition, provinces and cities also have different social distancing or vehicle control policies, they are afraid that the trip may be unsafe or restricted from moving between provinces. The meager amount of money saved for Tet is spent on risky expenses in the middle of the journey.

Mr. Hoang Khoi Nguyen (living in Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City) has another fear. “I’m afraid of driving a motorbike for three or four days, if it’s sunny and rainy, it will affect my health, and there will be no Tet. Not to mention driving along the road with a broken tire or damaged car, the journey back to the hometown is even more remote. I said with his wife or send money back to his family,” Nguyen shared. However, Mr. Nguyen also admitted that he had not been able to visit his mother for two years. “I’m old too. Money can’t buy time with me.” – Nguyen’s eyes are sad and sad, but he still hasn’t decided whether to return to his hometown or not.

Definitely return safely

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Viet, a worker in the Vietnam – Singapore industrial park, Binh Duong shared: “My husband and I are afraid to buy bus tickets because if there is a positive passenger on the bus, sometimes the whole family has to go to isolation, everything When my wife said that I used to ride a motorbike to my hometown, I was also very passionate, but I still had to calculate a lot because of gas money, health, and safety for a few days on the road.”

Like Mr. Viet, many families also plan to choose a “trip” to their hometown with their parents and grandparents. Although the journey is long, but if it’s not too rushed, and if you drive carefully, the trip can become a trip to Tet with many beautiful memories for the small family.

Motorcycles are the means of transportation that many people choose to return to their hometown this year.  PLEASE SOURCE SMALL PHOTOS

People go home by motorbike to rest along the way to recharge. Photo: Vietnamese beer

Vietnamese beer accompanies people to their hometown to celebrate Tet

Understanding the difficulties and hardships of consumers on the journey home to celebrate Tet, Bia Viet brand has launched a project of the Doan Vien station chain on main roads across the country, with the aim of providing support. practical support for people who work far away from home to celebrate Tet.

At the Youth Union Station, consumers are supported to check motorbikes, give food vouchers, free gas coupons, and entertainment activities with small gifts for people returning home on this Tet holiday. Along the way thousands of kilometers long, drivers can stop to rest, drink water, food, refuel and relax with music, entertainment games.

After a year of hard work, many people want to return to their hometown to celebrate Tet with their families.  PLEASE SOURCE SMALL PHOTOS

When returning home, people can visit Bia Viet’s Union Stations to rest and receive support with many services. Photo: Vietnamese Beer

The representative of Beer Viet affirmed: “Vietnamese beer is ready to be a companion with children living abroad, because Tet is only really Tet when we come home and hug our loved ones tightly after the last few months. far away from the epidemic season”.

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