The notorious Chinese special forces launched strange moves to the President’s bodyguard

Wednesday 9/12/2020 19:17 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) The Chinese martial arts master from Shaolin Kung Fu became a famous special forces.

Sina (China) newspaper once published about Thich Hanh Phong, a martial arts star working in the protection of high-quality martial arts from the Shaolin martial arts furnace. Also on Sina, they wrote about an equally powerful character who also learned Shaolin martial arts, Guo Xiaoguan, who entered the Chinese special forces at the age of 16.

Tieu Tuan (left) is an elite member of the Chinese special forces

The article titled: “The master is a disciple of Shaolin, was specially assigned to the special forces since the age of 16, went abroad to be a coach for the special forces at the age of 26”, says all the special Tieu Tuan.

Tieu Tuan was born in 1979, a child of a martial arts family, sent by his parents to Thieu Lam Pagoda to learn martial arts from a young age. With more than human qualities, Tieu Tuan was quickly imbued with the moves and philosophy of Shaolin Martial Arts. He became an elite talent, which is also the reason Tieu Tuan was admitted to the Chinese special forces at the age of 16.

With a physical background and martial arts skills, Tieu Tuan quickly became an excellent individual in the special forces unit. Not only developing individual qualifications, Tieu Tuan also applies Shaolin martial arts to build up a separate real combat system for the special forces.

According to of China, each article revealed that Tieu Tuan was allowed to go to Europe to teach martial arts and easily defeat the Macedonian presidential bodyguard. That was in 2005, Guo Tieu Tuan went to Europe to train martial arts for the elite forces of the Republic of Macedonia, which was an honor that the first Chinese soldier ever had.


Tieu Tuan (left) was the first Chinese soldier with the honor to go to Europe for martial arts training

To Europe, Tieu Tuan (1m72 tall, weighing nearly 80 kg) had to train bodyguards who were taller than him (over 1m8, weighing nearly 90kg), so there were some people who doubted his ability. A member of the Macedonian President’s bodyguards challenged him, and Quach Tieu Tuan was forced to accept.

Page describes, Tieu Tuan used mysterious skills, originating from Chinese Kungfu to easily defeat the President’s bodyguard. The quick victory over the bodyguards in the Macedonian President’s defense team helped Tieu Tuan get respect, this is one of the stories that helped Tieu Tuan’s name go into the history of Chinese special forces.

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