The notary, an essential link in the good management of his assets

To be serene in front of your heritage, nothing like a good notary! This life partner, often “inherited” from his parents or selected somewhat at random during a real estate purchase, should be the subject of a thoughtful choice. It is about opting for a professional likely to accompany you as long as possible, ideally to survive you. He must have a good knowledge of the privacy of your family in order to accurately reflect the needs felt and the wishes expressed.

You will need to be able to count on him for the purchase of a main residence, the constitution of the right legal entity (SCI, family limited liability company, etc.) in order to optimize the management of rental properties, the drafting of the appropriate statutes, the construction a tailor-made contract for a possible marriage, the drafting and monitoring of beneficiary clauses of life insurance contracts according to the evolution of your family situation, supervision and security

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