The mysterious disappearance of Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba

But where is Chinese billionaire Jack Ma? The founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba, and 25e richest man in the world according to Bloomberg, is nowhere to be found. Jack Ma has not been seen in public since the October time, several French and foreign media report. This mysterious disappearance, which took place after a critical speech against the Chinese system, raises questions about its fate.

Tips to the French from Jack Ma, the richest man in China

On October 24, in Shanghai, the 56-year-old billionaire called for an overhaul of the Chinese financial system, judged ” aging », And criticized the action of financial regulators. And since then, nothing.

A silent Twitter account for two months

After his speech, Jack Ma had fallen into disgrace: the IPO of Ant Group, Alibaba’s banking subsidiary and world leader in online payments, which was supposed to raise at least $ 35 billion on the financial markets, has been suspended, to everyone’s surprise. Alibaba, Facebook, Google… The year 2021 promises to be eventful for the web giants

Then, the Chinese competition authorities announced at the end of December the opening of an investigation against Alibaba for “Suspicion of monopoly practices”. The State Administration for Market Regulation also contacted Ant Group for questions of “Supervision”. Not a reaction from Jack Ma, whose last tweet was in October.

A disappearance that raises many questions

While he was supposed to take part as a jury in the final of the telecrochet “Africa’s Business Heroes”, which features investors from Africa, he was finally replaced by a senior executive from Alibaba. His absence was justified by his schedule, but as the “Telegraph” points out, her photo also disappeared from the show’s website and a promotional video.

Legalism, the authoritarian thought that built the Chinese empire

According to BFMTV, a 2019 interview with Guo Wengui, a Chinese billionaire who fled his country five years ago, has resurfaced in connection with this affair. In a filmed interview, he claimed that he believed Jack Ma was as likely to end up in prison as he was to be killed in the coming year, in 2020.

As “Le Monde” recalled at the end of December, China has been accused on several occasions of attacking businessmen critical of power. In November, entrepreneur Sun Dawu, founder of Dawu Group, one of the largest chicken and pork producers in China, was arrested along with 27 other people, including members of his family and most of the company’s executives. ‘company. They were accused of having “Caused disturbances to public order” and “ sabotaged operations ”. Four months earlier, he had openly criticized on the Weibo social network the intervention of the police in a dispute over the use of agricultural land.

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