The muscular transgender boxer strangles the female’s neck causing chaos in MMA

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 10:26 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) The 38-year-old transgender competed in the women’s MMA event, the American boxer had a controversial victory.

Video of the transgender woman’s opponent’s knock-out stage:

The MMA Combate Global event that took place over the weekend in the US was of special interest because there were boxers competing after transgender. Alana McLaughlin, formerly a male athlete, had surgery to live up to her gender.

Alana debuts female MMA, 5 years after successfully transgender

The decision to have surgery was difficult and when it came to registering to compete in the women’s MMA event with Alana, it was also extremely difficult. After a long time of applying, she was accepted by the MMA Masters in Florida earlier this year and made her debut last weekend.

It didn’t take too long, at 3 minutes 32 in the second half of the match against opponent Celine Provost, McLaughlin took advantage and launched a stranglehold to make the opponent surrender.

McLaughlin’s victory was extremely convincing, but the 38-year-old female boxer still encountered many bad comments from the audience. Many people believe that Alana still possesses the muscles and strength of men.

“She’s still as strong and muscular as a man, is it fair to compete like that,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“I don’t object, but it is necessary to create matches for two transgender boxers to fight each other,” another viewer commented.

The muscular transgender boxer strangles the female's neck causing " turmoil"  MMA - 3

The strength and muscles of the controversial female boxer

McLaughlin went on social media to explain that in order to compete, she had to go through many different tests to evaluate the amount of hormones in her body, just on par with women. She also thanked the audience for the comments and confirmed that her MMA career was just beginning.


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