The movement to slander idols is not only in Vietnam

Tuesday, July 27, 2021 00:46 AM (GMT+7)

While former champions Hoang Xuan Vinh, Tien Minh, Kim Tuan .. were insulted on social networks in Vietnam, Malaysian sports idols also fell into a similar situation after the defeats at the Tokyo Olympics. .

The historic Olympic gold medal that boxer Panipak Wongpattanakit brought to Thailand for the first time has made Vietnamese taekwondo forced to look at himself. Malaysian badminton legend who won silver at the 2016 Olympics Lee Chong Wei called it “unforgivable abuse”, as criticism aimed at two players Chan Peng Soon – Goh Liu Ying who have received two consecutive defeats. men’s doubles content.

The 2016 Olympic badminton runner-up is facing public opinion in Malaysia. PHOTO: GETTY

As Malaysia’s “campaign expert” at the 2020 Olympics, Lee Chong Wei responded on Instagram: “I am very disappointed by the amount of online comments that abuse our badminton players. As a former teammate, I understand them very well.”

At the Rio Olympics, the couple Chan Peng Soon – Goh Liu Ying won silver. They brought the expectations of badminton Malaysia to Tokyo but failed to compete, losing 12-21; 15-21 before the duo Mark Lamfuss – Isabel Herttrich (Germany) in the encounter in Group D, losing the chance to reach the knockout round. The previous match, Peng Soon – Liu Ying lost 18-21; October 21, 16-21 against the pair Tang Chun Man – Tse Ying Suet (Hong Kong) in the opening match.

Lee Chong Wei questioned the critics: “I know the goals of these athletes. They really want to win with the flag on their chest. That would make us proud. But when competing, no athlete wants to lose. But the game must have a winner and a loser. Sometimes it’s not their best day.

We are very nervous when we watch our players in front of the TV. Do you understand how they feel on the pitch? Should we support them? These athletes have brought you joy before. So don’t mock them and abandon them when they fail. Let’s support them, support Malaysia.”

Earlier, both Peng Soon and Liu Ying apologized on social media platforms. In return, the two players were met with abusive comments from Malaysian fans.


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